Cheap Entertainment?


Sometimes when people start looking for entertainment, like any other service, people think they want something cheap. Entertainment is one service that you don’t always want the cheapest guy. In town you can find a lot of ‘cheap magicians, clowns and the likes’ but some of them use fire, use their mouths to blow up balloons and treat the children nasty. Do you want that at your next birthday?

There is this one guy and his wife in my town and they will work cheap. They do balloons, rent moonbounces, sand art, tattoos, carnival games – yep, they do it all and that equals: Jack of all trades and master of none.” Now, he scares the children and yells at them, treats them as if they were below him in life. Again, this is not what 98% of people want for their child’s party. Another example of “You get what you pay for.”

So is cheap entertainment always the best way to go? NO! Can you find good quality entertainment cheap? SURE! If you know what to look for. Don’t make assumptions when you hire entertainers, ask questions and listen to what they say. Did they send you anything via email, DVD, YouTube? Can you see them work? Did they answer all your questions?

Let me ask you something, If you were in need of an operation, and your life depended on it, Would you call all the doctors in the town and say, “Hello, I need an operation and I see here in the phone book you do those, what is your price? I am looking for the cheapest doctor to do my operation.

Good Luck! Cheapest is not always best when it comes to entertainment.

Source by Mark T. Joseph

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