Cheap Halloween Party Ideas


Autumn winds are blowing in. The days are getting cooler and the season’s colors are starting to awaken. Pumpkins are beginning to appear on porches and lawns, reminding us that Halloween is lurking just around the corner. Soon those pumpkins with be carved and lit. Every year, you dig through your box of tricks, but what you really want is a cheap but fresh new treat. Looking for some hauntingly affordable fresh new Halloween party ideas to perk up this Fall’s affair? Well, look no further.

Bobbing for apples can be a cheap load of laughs, but this old tub of fun can really dowse a crowd. Making this kind of splash is a thing of the past. Make this year’s apple-bobbing a deliciously fun time. Simply buy, rent, or borrow a chocolate fountain machine. Chocolate is always a cheap party favorite, but change things up a bit by adding caramel instead. (Be sure to thin down the caramel so it travels easily through the machine)

Have apples on sticks, ready for their caramely dip. For extra fun, you can set out cheap fun toppings. Nuts, of course, sprinkles, toffee crumbles, even Butterfinger or Oreo crumbles work fabulously! Your guest will love personalizing their caramel apples, and your party will be finger-licking good.

Want to really make your cheap Halloween party memorable? Try a masquerade ball. With your invitations, send out blank masks. Encourage each guest to make a cheap home made costume or mask to wear to the Halloween party.

Include a cheap made name card in the envelope as well that they will need to bring with them. You can use recycled paper for a great effect and write the name in calligraphy. (You can even fold and seal with a wax stamp if you are really feeling crafty!) When your guests arrive, inform them that they are only allowed to ask yes or no questions. When someone’s identity is discovered, they must give up their name card. At the end of the party, the guest with the most name cards is the winner.

If you really want to change your cheap Halloween party up this year, why not take it outside. The kids are not the only ones who can have fun trick or treating? Sweeten up your soiree with a Scavenger “Haunt”. A twist on a classic, you can give lists to individuals, or break guests into couples or groups. On your list, write down some treats that your guests will hunt door to door for. You can make it easy on them with well-known candy bars, or sneak in some more obscure selections just for fun. This is the perfectly cheap Halloween party game for kids and adults alike.

Let the haunting season begin! It’s time to give your guests a cheap Halloween party that’s sure to impress. Make This Year’s Fright Night a True Delight!

Source by Sue E Krippner

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