Children’s Entertainment in Primary Schools


I do a lot of magic shows for children. From birthday parties, weddings, holiday camps and schools. Below is a true story. Whilst not that funny it amused me and made me think about teachers and how their minds work… differently from others! Martin the Magician.

The magic show was over. I quickly packed away my props ready to make a hasty exit from the school. The show went well, about two hundred children captivated by silliness, magic and juggling.

I did my favourite trick, suspending a tumbler full of water upside down on a teachers head with just a large playing card stopping it all falling out over her. Children have always liked this routine. “Now shall I pull away the card?” After some teasing they shout “yes” I always reply “you rotten lot” I do it and the water remains suspended in the tumbler until its release, falling and splashing into the plastic bowl. Then I tell the children to go home and try it on Mum and Dad, “but don’t blame me if it goes wrong” I say. “Yes we will” they all bellow back.

Well, I had several long trips back to the car, which can take absolutely ages when you’ve got endless number of doors to get through with coded locks. On my last trip I noticed a very wet male teacher in a classroom drenched in what must have been water. Another male teacher (the acting magician) alarmingly asking me for more details about the water trick. “I pulled out the piece of card and the water just came out!” He said… I looked at the wet teacher who obviously looked very uncomfortable about the whole thing when the acting magician suggested that it could be because his subject was slightly bald. “Could be” I answered and looking bewildered and without thinking continued to point out that the first bit of the trick was in fact the science bit that uses air pressure but the second part of the trick uses magic. I would normally have worded this explanation differently to adults who know that magic doesn’t really exist but under the circumstances decided on this childish explanation.

This explanation seemed to work I thought. Then I noticed the wet teacher was starting to fill the tumbler again. (As if he was not wet enough!) I left them to it and continued out of the building wondering about primary school teachers. I’m still wondering!

Source by Martin Chapman

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