Choosing The Right Headset For Office Use


The modern workplace is fast paced, with many competing demands on your time. This means that more than ever, you need to rely on multitasking in the workplace to get things done on time. The two most common tasks to do at the same time are talking on the phone, or via an internet voice chat client and typing. To aid in this, there has been a steep rise in the use of headsets, which allows you to talk to customers or colleagues on the phone and keep your hands free for other tasks.

In the following article, the pros and cons of the most common types of headsets used in a business setting will be explained. With this information, it is hoped you can make an informed purchase and get the very best product for your needs.


Corded headsets are the most basic model, yet they still offer distinct advantages for the user. Firstly, being physically connected to the device often results in a far clearer and stable connection. Although wireless and Bluetooth products have come a long way, there can still be connectivity issues from time to time.

Obviously, the cord is also the major downside for corded headsets. Being connected by a cord ties you to your work station, really limiting your freedom of movement around your workspace. This can be especially annoying when an item you need is just out of reach in the middle of a conversation!


Wireless headsets are becoming increasingly popular as the technology behind them becomes more refined. A basic wireless headset comes in two separate parts – the receiver station and the headset. The receiver station is what is physically connected to the telecommunications device and communicates wirelessly with the headset. This connection can suffer from interference and drop outs, especially when a lot of wireless devices are being used in close proximity. In addition to this, many wireless headset will also require batteries to operate.

The major benefit of wireless headsets is the mobility they offer. Whilst you won’t be able to go further than the range of the receiver, wireless headsets still give you the ability to move around your office more freely than corded headsets.


Bluetooth headsets are another popular wireless solution, used mainly for mobile devices. Bluetooth headsets are usually designed with a minimalist approach in mind. Most Bluetooth devices are very small, designed to fit around one ear – this makes them very unobtrusive for use whilst on the move. Most Bluetooth headsets can be used for PC’s as well, with a small USB dongle acting as the Bluetooth receiver.

Like wireless sets, connectivity can sometimes present a problem when using Bluetooth, but these issues are increasingly rare. One thing to bear in mind when using Bluetooth headsets is that they really are small, so it is very easy to lose or misplace them – be careful!

For more information on all kinds of headsets or to order, you should contact your local stockist. They will be happy to assist you in finding the best headsets for your business.

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