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Classroom  Technology 

We all know that learning plays a major role in each person’s life and it’s mandatory to lead a successful life in this competitive world. Learning has the ability to make you a perfect human. Learning is nothing but sharing or gaining knowledge from others. That’s why, nowadays schools and colleges are trying to implement the latest  technologies  in their school classrooms to make the learning more easy and efficient.

Science and  technology  has improved and acquired a unique place in all fields because of its specific features and functions. So all educational institutions are implementing advanced classroom  technologies  in their schools and colleges to provide the education in a modern and professional way so that the student would learn with interest and enthusiasm.

Today, implementing the  technology  into the classroom is very easy and it is the best way to provide healthy education to students. The following are the tips to insert the latest  technology  into classrooms.

Use Smart board  technology 

Smart boards, are Interactive whiteboards in which you could teach your students, using the contents which is saved in a computer. The projector which is connected to a computer will display its content onto a screen. So teaching is very easy and students would be able to understand the concepts very clearly. A study says that students are acquiring more interest in studies while teaching through smart board and there is gradual development in their studies. It is stated that in two or more years, one of the seven schools all over the world will have smart board in their classrooms.

Streaming videos

Normally human mind would understand the concepts easily when it is explained using the related pictures or videos. When you are explaining, the student’s mind will imagine to a particular level. For example, let’s say, a teacher is explaining her/his students about the function of digestive system. If she/he recalls the food intake by the person, which will reach the stomach, and into small intestine and into large intestine, the minds of the students will travel somewhere else. In this case the students will know the process. However they will not have any idea about how the stomach and intestine looks like. So it is a blind learning.

However while using smart boards, you could show the whole digestion process as a picture or video by surfing through the internet. You could thus make your teaching meaningful by adopting classroom  technology .


Communication is the best way to share your thoughts and information you know to the other people. It is the most valuable way to develop your general knowledge. So another important classroom  technology  is teleconferencing. So let your students communicate with each other. Not only with their class mates but also to the other people beyond their school, nation and even country. Use teleconferencing  technology  like skype, to conferencing with other people so that they could share something they know and also could learn from others. Using this kind of  technology , not only within country, you could also make your students to communicate with people all over the world.

Source by Thomas Radcliff

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