Coach Certification – Do I Need it?


Do I need to be certified to be a successful coach?

This is a question that is asked daily. My answer is still the same. No, you can be a successful coach without being certified. Why then would you want to enroll in certification training? Well one possible reason is that certification will make you more credible and valuable. That may be true, but if that is your only reason you may be disappointed. Here’s 5 good reasons to enroll and and 5 benefits to gain.

  1. Clarity: You will be successful when you are clear on who you are, what you have to offer, who you want to provide it to and why they want it. Be sure you can get this from your training and have the intention to get clear – whether or not you end up with a career as a coach. What? You mean people invest their time, energy and money in coaching school and then don’t become a coach? Sure they do, and I would guess it is a significant percentage of the people who enroll. But, if they fully participated they got what they needed. Maybe it was some important personal growth. Maybe it was surety about their career path or maybe it was a skill that helped them to be more effective and happier in their present job or business. All good, all valuable.
  2. Competence: Many times certification candidates tell me things like: “I have been helping people all my life,” “I’m a natural,” or “I’m good at this, I know what to do.” I don’t want to take anything away from your ability and preference for helping people. Those are things that make many people want to be a coach. At the same time, there are specific skills and techniques that will make you more professional and effective and help create extraordinary results. And there are some important do’s and don’ts too. You will be glad to learn the skills of masterful coaching, even if you have had specialized training as a counselor or therapist. A good coach program will support you to leverage your present skills and develop competence.
  3. Confidence: Trust me on this. Your decision to be a coach will tap into your most vulnerable self. You’ll doubt your ability to help others and question your worthiness to be paid well for what you do. Being clear, accepting yourself and developing coaching competence will enable you to be confident. And, your confidence will attract clients and support them to get great results. In your coach training, make sure you practice real coaching and practice being authentic. Take risks, go outside your comfort zone and use the learning opportunity to fully express yourself. A good coach program will also provide feedback and support from a mentor coach.
  4. Clients: Today. more and more training programs are acknowledging the importance of practice development. It is great to develop the knowledge and skills of a coach but you can’t help anyone if you don’t have clients. A requirement for certification in the coaching program that I teach is that you must acquire and coach at least one paying client. Make sure that your coaching program supports you to get enroll and coach clients and then follow through and do it. Don’t worry about being good enough. You will attract exactly who you need to coach.
  5. Commitment: Ultimately your success will be determined by your commitment. To enter a coach certification program you must make a commitment to yourself – to learn, to grow, and to become. You must also commit to your profession – to being a successful coach or perhaps not being a coach at all. (There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to coach.) Commit to who you really are and do what truly fulfills you. You will be happier. And, if you commit to being a coach, you must commit to your clients – to support them, with integrity, to the best of your ability to realize their goals.

You may notice that all five takeaway’s I have written about begin with Cs. That’s one way to encourage you to seize the opportunity now to fulfill yourself by enrolling in coach training. If the spark is alive in you and your desire to help others keeps moving you toward coaching, Make a commitment to your self and go for it.

Source by Joseph Liberti

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