Coal Mining and Mountain Top Removal – What Say You?


It is without doubt that mountain top coal mining is safer for humans than sending people into tunnels to dig it out with machines, however environmentalists warn us about shaving off mountain tops to get the coal out. When shaving off a mountain top the excess dirt is scraped into canyons and ravines and theoretically everything is level, once all the coal is gone some of that excess dirt can be pushed back into the hole and a mound is built where a mountain once was.

Environmentalists understand this, but claim it looks like a war zone within a few years, as one mountain little coal is found so they go and shave off another, then another. This is true it can get out of hand. Yes, but with proper technology, they can know in advance which mountains are viable, and with a proper plan we can mitigate the environmental risks of water flow, storm flooding and erosion.

Next, if the plan is done like the forest harvesting, where they cut down one area of trees, remove underbrush for timber, and allow it to re-grow, it’s actually workable. In this case, the company’s job in an area would not be complete until the watershed was re-grown, and they’d have to have a bond with their permits for doing so, in case they went out of business. However, environmentalists still have a problem with this right? Yes, how so you ask?

You see, that 50-100 year flood will come, they always do and unless everything is perfect huge landslides, flash flooding and an eco-disaster will occur later on they claim. This is why, “if” mountain top mining is done, it must be done responsibly and honorably with regards to environmental concerns and mitigation, but that should be done with “real” data and facts, not political power, or monied interests. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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