Cockroaches Come Out Mostly at Night But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t See Them in the Daytime


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, and normally spend their days hiding in those dark spaces they find inside your walls.

Most of the time you won’t see a roach unless you happen to get up in the middle of the night, and turn on a light. Even then that light must be in a room that they spend a lot of time in, like the kitchen or bathroom.

Since this pest prefers tropical type living environments they make their homes where it’s moist and warm, which means the most likely area to find them is around water pipes. Even then they need a ready source of food to complete their ideal living conditions.

The roach that represents the largest populations inside the home is the German cockroach.

These are little guys; the adult grows no bigger than 1/2 – to 5/8 – inch in length. Their color is tan to light brown, and the adults have two black lines on the top of their heads.

A pair of German roaches grows a family fast. The female lays, and hatches, up to a million eggs in a year’s time. Doesn’t take them long to infest your home once they get started.

When left un-treated the German cockroach population keeps growing until they start spreading through the house. Allow it to grow for a long enough period, and the infestation becomes difficult to bring under control. The larger the infestation the longer the treatment period, and the bigger the need for professional help becomes.

Another thing that an unchecked roach infestation means is that the walls become so full of cockroaches that they start spilling out into the open spaces of the room. When that happens you’ll have these bugs running around your counters and floors even in the daytime. Their numbers just become so large that there’s no more room for all of them to hide inside the walls.

Every time you walk into the room you’ll hear the crunch of their bodies smashing under your feet, even if you see them before you step down. There’ll be so many they can’t get out of the way.

The first place you normally see evidence of the German roach is around the pipes under the kitchen sink. Often this evidence comes in the form of roach droppings. They look much like mouse droppings except the roach pellet is blunt on the ends, not pointed as the mouse dropping is.

As soon as you spot that evidence you need to start treatment so the population doesn’t get out of control.

If you suspect you have a beginning roach infestation try placing a glue board in a pipe bend under your sink. Check it at least once a day; the best time is in the morning after daybreak. If you do have roaches your glue board will catch at least one very quickly.

As soon as that first one shows up on the glue board start treatment.

Roach treatment, as are most pest control techniques, relies mostly on housekeeping. This works well for keeping roaches from establishing living quarters in your home, and for bringing populations under control when you catch them early.

After a roach infestation gets a strong foothold you’ll need more drastic action to get rid of the problem.

The best way to deal with big infestations from these insects is by placing poison baits in strategic locations. Baits work well, but take time to show results if the population is extremely large.

Most of the time cockroaches hide inside the walls. Maybe you won’t even know they’re living in your home. Let them start hatching babies, and before long they’ll be everywhere – morning, day, and night.

Source by Joseph Jackson

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