Common Complaints Expressed by Network Marketers


Now why would network marketers have complaints? Why are their complaints considered common? I have listed 16 common complaints in this article and have given you the answer “why” to all of them.

1. Why do I have to spend at least $100 every month with my company? When you become qualified to receive “bonuses” (commission checks) for the hard work you have done. In order to stay qualified for those bonuses you are required to purchase at least $100 dollars per month of your company’s product(s). This assures your up-line will continue to receive their bonuses also. Here’s the great news: the required purchase is tax deductible! When your down-line is making their required purchase every month, you get the cash!

2. My friends and family are avoiding me. You have what is called newbie excitement and can’t understand why everyone can’t see what you see; so you hound them until they run when they see you coming. Leave your friends and family alone. Get with technology and learn to market to people who want to join you.

3. I don’t know enough people. Truly, very few people do. Building a business by the “old-school” methods is tough – unless you know hundreds of people who trust and choose to follow you. Again, get with technology. Find a program that teaches you to get leads easily.

4. I just don’t have any more time to put in to it. Time is never the enemy. Focus and commitment and concentrated effort are what you need to practice. A few hours a week of intense concentration and focus will bring more results than a full week of “planning”.

5. I don’t like sales. You don’t have to like it! You are already selling yourself to everyone you know, trying to convince others to agree with you (even about what to have for dinner). Technology will help you not have to feel like a salesperson.

6. I don’t think I can do this. the saying goes: If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Why did you sign up in the first place? A dream? Well focus on that dream and find a program that sounds like you. Apply focus, commitment and concentrated effort and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish!

7. I don’t have enough leads. This is the number one complaint of all network marketers. There are literally tones of programs you can sign up with to teach you to generate leads and much more. Find one and stick with it until you see results.

8. My up-line is constantly hounding me to sign people up. If this is true, they are all using the old-school method of network marketing. Break the mold and shock them all by using technology to escalate yourself past your up-line. Think they will care that their checks have quadrupled?

9. I can’t find anyone who wants to do this. Again, use technology to get people looking for you.

10. I hate it when people say no. It’s so rude, isn’t it? Not really. It isn’t personal, they just don’t have the same dreams or ambition you do. Why give them the chance to say no? The people who find you are chomping at the bit to say yes.

11. I hate it when people don’t show up for appointments. These are the people who can’t say no! They tell you anything you want to hear and then chicken out at the last-minute or had no intention to meet you in the first place. How many times must I say it? Learn how to get people looking for you.

12. I always seem to lose money doing network marketing. try using a coach that knows the ins and outs. Follow a program you like and stick with it. Technology can cost you money, but one of the best ways to generate leads is to write articles and show people you know what you are talking about. How else would you learn to trust someone? It’s free!

13. I don’t know how to build a website. make sure that the program you work with already has a website for you. Once you are making an abundant cash flow, you can take the time to learn if you want to. Many website building programs are very easy to figure out these days.

14. I can’t afford to advertise. i already mentioned article writing… It’s free! If you get really good, you can even get paid for writing articles (as a fun side-line, of course).

15. My company won’t let me advertise the way I want to. the liability laws are so fierce these days, can you blame them? Just remember it’s the kiss of death to use your companies duplicated sites. How will your prospects find you among the thousands of others?

16. I see so may programs, I don’t know which one to go with. If you don’t have an MLM company don’t worry, it will surface. What products are you interested in? How believable are they? Do your research! Or (better yet) check out all the articles about programs that help you build your business and pick one that resonates with you. The person who has a great training program also has a great product (why else would they be training you?). Give it a few months no matter how fast they say they can teach you to make money. There is always a learning curve and a trial and error period. Remember to stay focused and avoid doing more than one at a time. Once you see success with one, then and only then, should you try something new.

There you have it: sweet 16! Now apply what you have learned and more power to you!

Source by Teri Oles

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