Common Questions About the Importance of Writing Press Releases


You may have heard of press releases. Perhaps you just want to have your story picked up by news outlets. Press releases are not just for people in the White House, your story, your business can have stories that should be submitted for media release.

What is a press release?

This is a written or recorded message announcing information that is newsworthy aimed at the news media. Writing news releases means keeping an objective tone and announcing information that is newsworthy.

When do I write a press release?

When something newsworthy happens to your   business  you can write a  news  release. This informative report tells the  news  that your  business  grew, got a new partner, developed a new product or got recognized with a special award. There are other reasons as well, but it needs to be something significant.

How do I submit press releases?

Most people and businesses use a commercial media release service. Examples would be PR Newswire, Business Wire, PR Web. These commercial media release services provide information to a variety of services. Editors and newscasters can search for news releases that fit their particular needs.

Who do I submit press releases to?

Your online business can benefit when you submit media releases via fax, mail, or email to the appropriate people. These can be sent to editors of websites, magazines, and other news outlets and media formats. Sending it directly to a media outlet does not guarantee that they will publish your story, they still may search distribution services for what fits their particular needs.

Where does a media release go?

Submitting press releases means they go to distribution services unless you send them directly to editors. Editors may decide to use your media release as it or decide to have a larger story that may involve your information and your business. With distribution services they have lists and editors look for media releases that fit their needs. They may contact you and ask for more information or use your release as is.

Why should I write a press release?

Any situation where they use part or all of your  news  release means additional publicity for you and your online  business . This publicity is free and people view the  news  as being more objective so these lend your  business  additional credibility. Since a link to your online business, product, or service is included this can send traffic and buyers back to your website. All of these help to grow your business.

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