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American Express cards come in multiple varieties that were made to cater to the varying needs of credit card consumers. Each one is tailor made for a certain types of credit card consumers.

Basically, there are three major varieties of American Express cards. The first of which are the “charge cards”. Charge cards are perfect for people who are capable of paying for their full balances on a monthly basis. As for “credit cards”, they provide their cardholders with an option to carry on the card balances from one month to another. Last but not the least; the “partner cards” provide the card holder with the chance to earn benefits from the partner companies of American Express. Users of partner cards also have more flexibility with regards to payment terms.

The American Express Blue Card

There is a wide selection or categorization and surely, there is a certain type of American Express card that will fit every individual. If you want a balance transfer credit card, then the American Express Blue is just right for you. This card will allow you to transfer all your outstanding balances to a new account with a very low interest rate of 4.99%. Moreover, if you are qualified for one of the reward programs based on your credit rating, you can avail of the introductory offer that provides zero APR for up to 15 months.

The Business Rewards Gold Card

If you are looking for a specialized card that will meet your business transactions, American Express offers the Business Rewards Gold Card that presents a great rewards program. It also has no credit limits topped with a Zero APR for its introductory period.

American Express Blue Sky Card

If you travel a lot, then you might as well avail of the American Express Blue Sky card or the Starwood Preferred Guest card. Another card that you should consider is the Blue Cash which features a 5% cash rebate topped with zero percent APR for the first six months of use. The Simply Cash Business Card is also a prime offer as it provides 5% cash back on expenses for gas, office supplies, utility services and more.

Aside from the above mentioned American Express credit cards, there are more varieties that offer great reward programs. Each of them will allow the cardholders to garner reward points from almost everything that they purchase using their card- from traveling, shopping, dining, and while having some fun and entertainment. All of these cards are offered with a high level of security in order to protect the consumers from fraud and identity theft.

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