Compare Satellite TV Providers – Dish Network Vs DirecTV


Getting the right satellite TV service provider seems like the dilemma that every satellite shoppers will face. As in the states, the competition of satellite TV providers is between Dish Network and DirecTV. With both of their services are based on similar technology, it is no surprise that Dish Network and DirecTV’s offers share quite a lot of similarities. Both Dish Network and DirecTV provide the more-or-less same promotions and the system set up are quite the same.

In such case, how do we select the right satellite TV provider for our needs? Lets have a side-by-side comparison:

Subscription fees

When it comes to monthly subscriptions, DirecTV basic package is charging more (minimum $29.99/mo at the time of writing) when compare to Dish Network basic Top America’s 100 ($19.99/mo at promotion). The difference of price tag however is compensated as DirecTV are offering more channels selections in their base package.

Customer service

Both Dish Network and DirecTV have a 24-hour customer service line. In frank, Dish Network and DirecTV do not differ much in term of customer service. Both of them won the grade ‘excellenct’ J.D.Power customer satisfaction survery (learn more at J.D. website) over cable TV for years thus I would rank them both on top level.

Equipment setup

On the equipment setup, both satellite TV providers offer free satellite system up to four rooms. In normal case, DirecTV systems are given 12 – 24 months warranty while some Dish Network dealer offer lifetime limited warranty to their clients.

Programming selection

Dish Network and DirecTV both hold the broadcast rights on more than 200 TV channels. This include major movie channels like HBO, Star, Cinemax; sports channel including ESPN, ESPN HD, Star Sport; major news channels such as CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, and so on.

However, DirecTV were made stand out in the competition as they own the exclusive rights on NFL football game via NFL Sunday Tickets and the NASCAR race via NASCAR Hotshot. With these exclusive sport packages, users are able to enjoy more on live sport games and race.

Source by Claudia Walters

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