Comparing And Researching A Hosted PBX System


When considering a hosted PBX system, it is very important to perform a comparison of the top providers in the industry. There are companies that have consolidated and organized specific system specifications and data about the leading providers of virtual PBX services. Virtual PBX services typically include important features such as auto attendants, call forwarding, voicemail, virtual phone numbers, voicemail to email and virtual receptionist. Many businesses throughout the world have opted for these services.

Generally, when faced with lower profit margins, the potential for revenue loss or trying to find way to implement budget cuts, companies need to consider hosted PBX solutions. For example, a hospital or healthcare system will typically staff a PBX department to provide twenty four seven coverage and support of the facility. In order to achieve this, they have to provide staffing to cover day shift, evening shift, night and weekend shift.

Take into account that you must have at a minimum two full time staff for each shift, seven days a week and add in the expense of benefits and you have a very expensive department to manage. Anytime there is turnover in staffing, coverage for sick or vacation time or other staffing needs, you are then faced with more escalation of expenses.

Many industries have launched into this service. Some include financial and banking, utilities, school systems and the commercial or retail industry. In fact, having a manual or live person on the other end of an incoming call is becoming the exception rather than the norm.

A growing trend is the virtual PBX services, or virtual phone services. This process allows their users to manage and incoming calls via one primary phone number. Unlike traditional telephony services, you are not required to purchase additional hardware. With a virtual service customers are provided with an online interface that is easily accessed via an internet browser.

This permits the customer to customize and manage their settings for all incoming calls. Menus can be created so that calls coming in can be instantly directed to a decision tree. This automated decision tree provides a directory from which the caller can choose which person or department they wish to be connected to. These services are quite flexible. Companies can decide from a basic, mid level or corporate set up.

When establishing this service you will have access to several features. Some of these features include online call logs, online voicemail, dial by name directories and call redirection. Call redirection is a very popular benefit. You can redirect incoming calls to your company directly to other office phones, home phones, faxes and your cell phone.

The primary goal of installing this type of system that you can achieve greater efficiency and organization. You will also have better control over call flow and expenses. Many businesses also report that once they converted over to an automated system that they felt they were presenting a more professional image to customers. Of course remember that reduction in overhead and associated personnel costs can also be achieved.

Source by Angela Edware

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