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In case you are wondering what a mouse is, (a computer mouse that is), it is the device that controls the movement of the cursor on the computer monitor. The mouse is able to simplify a number of functions for the user. Functions that allow you to drag, drop, open folders, draw, and much more, are made a lot easier because of the mouse. You can find three main types, the mechanical, optical, and the laser. Let’s take a brief look at them.

There is the mechanical mouse, which is also known as the ball mouse. It is able to move around because of the rubber ball located inside it. The ball can rotate in any direction. Sensors are located inside the mouse, which can tell which direction the ball moves when the mouse is moved, and point the cursor on that same track. It is normally rolled along on a pad, however, dust particles sometimes become entangled with the ball, and this causes it to malfunction. This is easily rectified by cleaning.

Next on the market was the optical mouse. This model is activated by a beam of light, known as LED light, which is emitted by the device. The mouse uses what is known as digital imaging technology, to determine the position of the cursor. That information is then used to position the cursor on your computer screen. The use of this technology eliminates the need for balls of any kind.

The third type is the laser mouse. This is similar to the optical mouse. However, it uses a small laser to track the movement of the mouse, and then position the cursor. This model is considered extremely responsive, and the easiest to use. However, due to the technology it employs, it is also the most expensive.

The use of the mouse has been linked to injuries in the hand, shoulders, and neck. Studies conducted, indicate that constant clicking of the device can cause swelling, strain, and pain in any or all of these area. There is also a condition known as the repetitive strain injury or RSI that has been identified. This has led to the development of ergonomically designed devices, which are believed to reduce incidences of RSI and fatigue.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4, is a fourth generation ergonomically designed mouse. It is designed to keep your arm in a neutral position and was developed for persons who experienced discomfort when using the conventional, straight-up, wheel mouse. Therefore, it is intended to help users avoid the problems associated with using the mouse for long periods. Feedback has indicated that it is very comfortable, easy to use, and affordable.

If you are looking to buy a computer mouse, there several styles to choose from. When buying one, you should consider the type, the speed, connectivity, as well as the size. They can be small, large, vertical, ergonomic, laser, wireless, you name it and you can find it. It’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re looking for before you go shopping for one.

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