Conservative Or Liberal – It’s All Entertainment


Media outlets tend to favor either a conservative or liberal viewpoint. Fair and balanced news and media are the ultimate goal, but is what brings in viewers and attention to stations and to tune into talk shows are people that are opinionated to either one extreme or the other. The edges of the political spectrum bring the most controversy and the most attention, and thus are the most popular.

Conservative radio and television talk show hosts are a mainstay in the American media. They have larger than life personalities and larger than life opinions on events, people, politics, and anything that tickles their fancy. When they express opinions, people listen and their voices become louder the more opposed they are to what they see or hear happening. People in America listen to them. Some listen and agree with what they say and others listen and are enraged by what they talk about. Even when these conservative icons fail to live up to their conservative statements, they continue to be popular and paid well.

Liberal hosts exist and typically express the exact opposite of the conservative talk show hosts. People enjoy their cynicism and sarcastic accounting of events that tend to enrage the conservative public. Some of the hosts are more obscure than their conservative counterparts, but some are larger than life. They have large followings across the nation and people tune into hear their pithy remarks on current event or people. A liberal talk show host challenges a person to think on their own, but often taunt those that have differing opinions.

Whether you listen to one or the other, or if you enjoy listening to both, radio and television talk show hosts will be there to bank on people’s ideologies. They are here to entertain and to express opinions that some are afraid to voice. So tune in, turn up, and dare to agree or argue!

Source by Billings Farnsworth

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