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All commercial software application development firms desire the situation whereby they can reap total benefits from their creative works (i.e. get paid), but this is not always the case due to unauthorized distribution and copying. So in an ideal world, a perfect system would be one which gave them total control over piracy by preventing copying and controlling licensing for trial periods, full purchase, and subscription-based use. Such systems are available in the form of copy protection software. This software is designed to be integrated into your application and it subsequently functions only when you allow it (trial period), or when you confirm that it is has been paid for.

To able to use a particular software suite you need a license. The license in this case is the file that contains the dll or executable codes, and which the application consults to confirm the user’s permission to use it. However, people can gain access to the functions of an application they have not paid for by using dummy files that contain exe/dll files which imitate the real code. The copy protection software on the other hand is integrated into the application thereby providing it with real-time licensing control and thus there is no need for separate license files to be used to protect the exe or dll files.

By incorporating the copy protection software into your application you will be able to control user registration and ensure only licensed users can use your applications – i.e. before the user can first use the app he/she will need to contact you. This process has been made even easier through automation whereby the protection software can be incorporated into your existing ecommerce solution. In this regard, the license codes are automatically sent to the users via email once they pay to use the application.

The software protection suite gives you the capability to easily create time-limited trial periods in which customers can sample your application for a number of days before it expires. Even better, it allows you to control subscription licenses thus securing your yearly revenues. An extra capability which the copy protection software provides is the ability to track parties that have tried to register your app more than once and the IP addresses they used.

This suite is easy to integrate into your applications as it comes with the all necessary installation files. With this suite you are spared the need to issue new licenses in the event that the users experience hard disk failure or need to reinstall the application. The best of these software protection suites come with 256-bit strength encryption thus making them virtually unbreakable.

Source by Achilles Marshall

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