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With the advent of Internet and thousands of websites flourishing creative writing has come in demand like never before. On the Internet the foundation of all searches and introductions is through the written word. Hence creative writing has acquired an altogether new meaning in this Internet age. Can creative writing also be a business enterprise? Can money be earned with creative writing? Yes, most certainly. This article illustrates how –

1)    Most of the websites have prose written on them. Writing web content can be cultivated into a lucrative business, which can be done full time or part time. Prose writing is something that can be leant by anyone who has good command over the language. Hence most people run a chance at web content writing.

2)    Most of the websites have demand for renewal of content, which gives them better ratings on search engines. This demand is usually in the form of putting in articles on topics related with the core trade of the website. Article writing is easy to learn and can earn a good and steady income.

3)    Almost all article writing is research based so you do not need to know everything beforehand. Most of the ideas can be researched on the net itself as there is enough research material on all topics available readily.

4)    Businesses also require renewal of content on their web pages. If you develop good contacts with companies and give good services chances are that they shall use your services for several written needs of theirs.

5)    Blog writing is another opening. Blogs are short articles written in conversational style and on specific topics.

6)    Technical writing is another specialized area, which offers writing of user manuals, training guides, e-books, online courses and other such stuff more closely related to services and expertise areas of a certain business enterprise. These require more proficiency but writing these can be learnt too.

7)    Many websites are using videos and audios these days. They need scriptwriters for them. So, if script writing interests you this can also be an opportunity. Payments are generally duration based and can be quite profitable.

8)    You can choose the areas you wish to explore and develop the requisite skills in that particular area. You can write some samples to show to your prospective buyers. Most companies like to see some previous samples in order to judge your abilities.

9)    Slowly and steadily you can develop skills in many different niche areas and subjects. Remember in creative fields there is no upper limit to cap your potential.

10)  As a writer you can approach businesses independently or work with content writing companies, which employ writers to provide services to their clients.

Writing is always a creative process even when it is done for business purposes. So it is a good idea to keep everything you write inspired, resourceful and imaginative with depth of thought and ease of expression.

Source by Neena Dayal

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