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Very pleasant opening scene I must say, but it gets bloody pretty quick there, and a little strange.

Nice to see Sid Haig playing a role as the owner of a local road side shop loaded with cryptozoological treats like statues of strange hybrid creatures, footprint casts, and such. One item is a framed sign for a local attraction, the Grimley house, with a tagline, “Built out of Blood.”

A couple of on-leave Marines and their friend, on a road trip with their girls, stop by the shop and learn about the Grimley legend. One of them, the friend, decides it would be a fun idea to go check the house out. A mistake, as you might guess. But without young people wandering where they shouldn’t we’d have no horror movies.

He apparently knows all about the legend, and tells his friends about it. He also commended to Chopper (Haig) in the shop that his father had an interest in odd legends and lore. Something to keep in mind as you watch the story unfold.

In a little steal from House of 1000 Corpses, Sid Haig, as Chopper, draws the group a map to the site of the Grimley cabin. If you’ve seen the Rob Zombie movie you’ll recall when Haig, as Captain Spaulding, “wrote ’em a map” to the Devil’s Tree.

We learn that one among the group has ulterior motives, and after the group settles in to camp near the Grimley cabin, things begin to get stranger. A couple of the girls go missing and it is suspected that the Creature nabbed them. Only we know what’s really happening, and what our protagonists are really pitted against.

With a fitting title, this film is a backwoods creature feature with a mishmash of themes, blending twisted, inbred cult activity and sacrifice. A nice horror romp.

The finale has an adept Marine pitted against the Creature. Will he succeed in stopping the terror that reigns in this isolated swamp? His girl is pulled into a sinkhole by the creature, and the Marine dives head first after her. Semper Fi.

With a clich√© twist in the end, we learn what happens to one of the missing girls, and what might be to come…

The film is pretty good, with some good action and some scare scenes, good production values. The special effects are great, with monster that looks, and kinda moves like, a cross between the Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Sasquatch.

I actually enjoyed Creature. It’s an alright horror flick, in a kinda bad, but not too bad kinda way.

Source by Drew Vics

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