Crest Pro-Health Stages Disney Princess Kid’s Toothpaste 4.2 Oz (Pack of 3)


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The Crest Pro-Health Stages toothpaste featuring Disney Princess characters is the perfect kids toothpaste for your own little princess. Crest + Oral-B Stages helps kids brush their best with products designed to support healthy oral hygiene. So get Crest + Oral-B Stages to help your little ones practice proper oral care habits that will last them a lifetime. View larger Magical Brushing for Memorable Smiles At Stage 3 of their evolving oral health, kids brushing from ages 5-7 need effective cavity protection as they will be losing some baby teeth and their molars start to grow. Crest Pro-Health Stages Disney Princess kids toothpaste protects against cavities with a mild gel formula. Children under 7 should use a pea-sized amount, and be sure to instruct them to use good brushing and rinsing habits for a smile that sparkles.Toothpaste for children ages 5-7. Kid tested – mild gel formula. Provides effective cavity protection. Fun Bubble Gum flavor. Use with Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Princess Power or Manual Toothbrush

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