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Many television service providers claim to be the best, but only Direct TV has the great combination of television programming, cutting edge  technology , and superior customer service to back it up.

The programming is what everyone notices first because it’s really what everyone wants, and Direct TV in can provide more of it than any other television service providers. There are over eight hundred channels available that are divided up into a plethora of programming packages. A wide variety of programming packages are available so that anyone can find one that will suit her or his needs.

Once a subscriber finds a programming package that fits the needs of his or her family, that programming package can be further customized by adding optional channels. For example if someone wants to turn her or his home entertainment system into a home theater with the use of high definition television, he or she can get a variety of high definition television (HDTV) channels from Direct TV . There are twenty total high definition television (HDTV) channels to choose from that span a wide range of programming. While movies and sports are the obvious choices for what to watch in high def, you can also get a variety of programming including dramas, documentaries, special events, and reruns from HDNet. You can also get a lot of mainstream major network programming in high def by subscribing to FOX HDTV, NBC HDTV, ABC HDTV, or CBS HDTV. You can also get additional channels from Direct TV that provide foreign language programming and adult programming.

Of course the actual programming packages that Direct TV offers are impressive even on their own. For example, Directv Total Choice provides over one hundred and fifty five channels which makes it the biggest entry level programming package available anywhere. Directv Total Choice Plus brings the total number of channels offered up above one hundred and eighty five, and Directv Total Choice Premier adds a variety of sports channels and movie packages from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz! for a total of over two hundred and fifty channels.

Another way that Direct TV Satellite allows you to get exactly what you want from your programming package is by letting you add your choice of the movie packages to Total Choice or Total Choice Plus. The sports channels that are added to Total Choice Plus to make Total Choice Premier are also available for addition to another package in the form of Direct TV’s Sports Pack. These options give you a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to what you get with your programming package.

Direct TV ‘s  technology  also makes it a superior satellite TV service. For example, every channel features one hundred percent digital television programming which provides excellent picture and sound quality. Lots of user friendly software comes with every subscription and makes managing hundreds of channels a breeze.

With great programming and superior  technology , it’s no wonder that Direct TV in has attracted a following of so many loyal subscribers. The current Directv Offers are are superior to anything offered by Dish Network or any of the Cable TV Providers. Start Now. Switch to the best home entertainment value. Join all the other happy Directv Satellite customers.

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