Cynergy Health Science Collagen Booster – Vita C Fine 20 With Ferulic Acid and Tocopherol – Non Comedogenic – Fight Free Radicals – Erase Fine Lines From Stress – Fine Line Reducer – Improve Skin Radiance – Dramatically Brighten Skin – EASILY ABSORBED


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Cynergy Health Science’s Vita C Fine 20 is the answer you’ve been looking for. This product isn’t just going to reverse effects, its paraben free formula will act as a preventative measure. It’s like the harmful pollutants never even existed! – Free Radical fighting – Relieve stress lines from the environment and UV Rays – Reduce effects of aging and stress – Improve radiance, health and tone of skin – Skin collagen booster The difference between our Vita C Fine 20 and other vitamin C products is simply that ours works! AND it works on multiple levels, it does more than simply illuminating the skin. It’s water soluble which equates to an easily absorbable serum in the skin. It works to fight environmental stressors and bring the younger, brighter skin to the surface. It’s time to stop burying your beautiful face behind things out of your control. Get age spots, hyperpigmentation and sun spots out of the way and prepare for a texture and clarity that will impress even the most microscopic eye! *Guaranteed to satisfy you or we’ll give you 100% back! It’s our 30-day, money back guarantee. You just let us know and we do it WITH NO QUESTIONS asked!*Eliminate Free Radicals – Quit leaving your skin susceptible to unseen damaging pollutants in the air. Every day your skin is open to further damage because of these. Use our specific, paraben free formula to start fighting them!
Keep Stress Away- Vitamin C is as important to our skin as it is to our immune system. Everyone stresses, but not everyone shows it. Get in on eliminating stress from your face by treating it with our 20% Vitamin C!
CYNERGY HEALTH SCIENCE – has combined the perfect ingredients to make sure this is absorbed easily AND does not clog your pores!
Vitamin C and E, Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid, Emblica Extract And Cinnamon Base – All of this combined makes this great for everyday and after peels for an overall brilliant, youthful skin!

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