Dance-Inspired Class Ideas For Fitness Instructors


Fitness instructors are always looking for fun and innovative class formats for their students. If you are an instructor who likes to dance there are a variety of formats you can use to offer a dance-inspired workout. Here are some ideas that will put the party atmosphere and a touch of show business into your class.

Latin Cardio – Use your expertise in salsa, merengue, cha-cha, bachata and other latin rhythms to create an aerobic workout to latin music. Look for music CD’s that have compilations of latin music selections made especially for aerobic workouts. Create a party atmosphere and partner up the students for one or two songs so they can dance together. Use party decorations or bring maracas for the class to use with some of the songs.

Cardio Swing – This can be similar to the latin cardio except that you would use a selection of swing songs. Use swing steps, charleston kicks, and triple steps in your choreography. Pick music that is appropriate for the demographics of your class. For example, an older population would love big band music or the music of Frank Sinatra.

Decade themes – Use music of the 50’s, 70’s or 80’s. Have the class dress up in the style of the decade. There are many music CD’s that you can find that have these themes, and you can find some that are specifically for aerobic workouts. Make it fun with party decorations such as a disco ball for the 70’s theme.

Country-Line – Teach 2 or 3 country-line dances and then have the class practice them a few times. If you are not familiar with any line dances you can easily learn them from DVD’s or find video clips online. Have the class bring cowboy hats and dress in jeans and boots.

Broadway Style – Pick a popular song from a broadway show and choreography some steps to it. Teach the class the steps until they have learned the whole song. Then perform the dance at the end of the class. Bring any costume accessories that may make the class more fun. For example you can bring some feather boas for a jazzy style dance.

Hip-Hop – Choreograph a hip-hop routine and then break down the steps. At the end of the class your students will know the whole routine. Have them bring hats to look the part.

Bollywood or Bellydance– If you know something about dance from India you can incorporate this style into a class format. There are many examples of bollywood and bellydance online or you can study some steps from an instructional DVD. Hand out hip scarves to the students to wear to make it more fun.

Flapper or Charleston – You can make a fun choreographed flapper routine to a piece of music from the 20’s. Use charleston kicks, knee crosses, and flapper hand movements. Have the class dress up like flappers with feathered hats, boas, and fringe dresses.

These are some fun and creative ways to incorporate different styles of dancing into your exercise programs. With these ideas you can make your class an event instead of just an ordinary workout!

Source by S. McRee

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