Dante’s Peak Movie Review


I was given this to watch by a colleague at work who was very surprised to find out that I hadn’t seen it. I am not really a big fan of disaster movies in general so I have never considered watching it in the past. I thought I may as well give it a watch, so I stuck some Brahma in the fridge and sat down with an open mind and stuck it on.

It was good to see that about the first hour of this movie was built building the characters and their relationship, this was great, as it meant you may actually care about these characters in some way. The main character in the movie is Harry Dalton (played by Pierce Brosnan), who is a volcanologist, who unfortunately was shown with his wife would died in a previous eruption somewhere in Colombia. He is sent to investigate Dante’s Peak, where some strange activity takes place. Straight away he builds up some chemistry with the town mayor Rachel Wando (played by Linda Hamilton). After initially being written off from his superiors about his suspicions on the volcano, it soon backfires when it begins to erupt.

So the first hour builds nicely, then the second hour is where the action begins to happen. The special effects don’t disappoint and are great, I was surprised with how realistic they looked, the eruption effects, and the bridge breaking and all of the devastation and carnage caused by the eruption are great and do look very realistic. I think in disaster movies it is always important that the actual disasters look great, because this is what the whole movie is based on, if the effects are poor then this undermines the whole plot. On that note the effects are perfect.

Pierce Brosnan plays his usual character, and doesn’t really do anything different to what he normally does, which is a bit of a let down. I always think that Brosnan is typecast far too much, and he just goes through the usual motions on all of his films, which mean he is basically playing the same character in all of his films. Linda Hamilton on the other hand is great ( I may be biased as I am a big fan ever since seeing here in the two Terminator movies) but I think she is far to underrated as an actor. She is believable and comes across on screen really well. She certainly helped the movie to move along.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie, and thought it was a good watch with some great effects, but the story really wasn’t anything new, and all to predictable, which did let this down slightly.

Source by Graham D Blake

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