Davao Tourist Spots: The Top Adventure Destinations in Davao


Planning a trip to Davao City? Do you know the best places to visit?

Davao is perhaps the world’s largest city, with a land area of 244,000 hectares. There are countless of things to do here and plenty of sights to see as well. If you’re an avid adventure seeker, then you’ve come to the right place, because here, it’s practically easy for one to head to the beach in the morning, and then go hiking or trekking in the afternoon, or even in the next day!

Here’s a look at a few of the many exciting adventure destinations in the country’s largest and safest city.

1. Deca Wake Board Park

The first-ever wakeboarding facility in Mindanao is in Davao, and it’s at the Deca Wakeboard Park. The facility is located in Barangay Tacunan, Mintal, which is 40 to 45 minutes away from the city proper. The wake board park has a high-tech overhead cable system, which catapults rider at varying speeds, around the artificial lake. There are ramps and slides too, so riders can jump and perform other tricks and moves.

2. Samal Island

Samal Island or the Island Garden City of Samal is the perfect adventure getaway. It’s also one of the top Davao attractions. Here, you can choose from a wide array of beach resorts catering to different needs (and budgets). You can swim, snorkel, ride a jet ski or banana boat, visit Hagimit Falls, the Monfort Bat Cave, or just be a beach bum all day.

3. Eden Nature Park and Resort

If Metro Manila has Tagaytay, well, Davao has Eden Nature Park and Resort! This popular mountain resort has a very cool climate, lush forests and natural wonders. It is definitely great for camping, hiking, horseback-riding, bird-watching, and even riding the zipline! Day tours and overnight stays are available as well.

4. Kapatagan Valley in Davao Del Sur

An hour away from Davao City, Kapatagan Valley in Digos, Davao Del Sur, has a lot in store for adventure seekers, as well as for those who wish to relax, savor the fresh air, and get a nice view of Mount Apo. Here, you’ll find Camp Sabros, which has cool Western-style cabin lodges, great food, exciting zipline rides and tasty organic food delights. The camp is located 3,900 feet above sea level, which explains why it’s so cold there.

5. Kublai Art Garden

Another great place to visit here as well is the Kublai Art Garden, which showcases the island’s cultural heritage. This garden is also the perfect place to discover and witness lots of eye-popping sculptures and artworks. Here, you’ll have a hands-on experience on the traditions of the Bagobos and other tribes, and also taste their food, and appreciate their traditional crafts.

Kublai Millan is also one of Davao’s most notable artists, and his family also owns the Ponce Suites Gallery Hotel, which has also become one of the top tourist spots in Davao. Why? It’s because of all the cool (and offbeat) artwork strewn on the hotel property.

Source by Ashley Grey

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