Dell U2311H Wakeup and Menu Fix


If you own a Dell U2311H monitor and you’re using SpeedFan then your monitor may have some problems. Do you notice how the startup time and wakeup time for your monitor takes around 30 seconds. Yeah, that’s not supposed to happen and is pretty annoying. This wouldn’t be a highly rated monitor if we were forced to wait 30 seconds just for it to turn on or awake from a screensaver. For some strange reason, when SpeedFan is installed on your PC with a Dell U2311H it interferes with the wakeup time and locks down the monitor’s menu. Now this is one of the most annoying things ever and was painfully difficult to troubleshoot the source of the problem. I suspect that many of you who own a Dell U2311H will eventually become susceptible to this problem as you play around with your computer’s case fans using SpeedFan. I’ve devised a fix to the problem.

The Problem

– Takes a long time wakeup after turning your PC, returning from a screensaver, or switching or logging off users.

– The menu is locked.

The Fix

1. Uninstall SpeedFan. (If you can’t find the uninstall through CCleaner or Windows Add and Remove, then go to the SpeedFan folder in Program Files and uninstall it using the.exe)

2. Turn off the PC.

3. Turn off the monitor.

4. Disconnect the power from the monitor.

5. Disconnect all cords from the monitor going into the PC. (USB, VGA, DVI, etc.)

6. While disconnected hold the monitor power button down for 5 seconds.

7. Reconnect the cords.

8. Power on your PC.

9. It’s fixed.

The developers of FanSpeed don’t know what the problem is and therefore can’t provide a fix to it. So, if you can’t use FanSpeed you should use your BIOS to change fan speed or perhaps invest in a fan controller. Regardless, I hope my fix helped you.

However, if you your monitor continues to suffer from these symptoms and you’ve never touched SpeedFan in your life then I recommend you follow the steps under The Fix and disregard step 1. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then I suggest you contact Dell Technical Support who should either guide you through a fix or RMA it. I highly doubt a similar problem with occur from a different source so if this doesn’t work, your product is likely defective and it needs to be replaced.

Source by John Dover III

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