Demand Better Quality Movies From The Entertainment Industry


There are avenues available to protest against the production companies and distributors who bring you bad movies. Take food out of their children’s mouths. Stop giving them your money and shrugging it off like no one cares.

No one does care. So, you have to care. If you don’t get the thrill from film you felt twenty years ago, don’t throw money at the studios. The commercial’s pretend as if everyone has to buy the DVD the first Tuesday it’s released. If all the people in America really have a copy, borrow the movie from one of them. If it is that good, then you can go out and buy your own copy.

Encourage your friends to do the same. After enough guilty persuasion, they will give in.

Do not order pay-per-view movies the first night if you have seen terrible movies by that production company their last three trips out. You encourage them to do more of the same trash. You are not obligated to see a film because a broadcaster said the Johnsons saw it in the theaters.

Work on your kids. The industry targets them with special effects. Give them alternative date ideas to steer them away from opening night theatrics.

Go to Goodwill and buy a bunch of books for a quarter each. Suggest your children try other hobbies outside of movies and video games. Don’t push them. They may be typical and purposefully move in the opposite direction than where you want them to go.

At the same time, some of them learn habits from you. Introduce them to great movies at as young an age as possible. Pick up a book. Order a new book once a month as if it were a part of the mortgage. Eventually, you will read one of them and start your own trend.

Battle your cable company. This is the hardest trend to change. We all want to have access to every channel available.

If your cable premium channels play the same five movies over and over again, cancel your premium services. Try other packages. Shop around for the best ones by trying all the packages. Only keep the packages that perform for you. Take your stand.

Source by Yasheve Miller

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