Details Of The American Express IN Chicago Application


If you live in, or visit, Chicago often, then the American Express IN Chicago card may be just the AMEX card for you. This particular card is designed for those with good credit and who plan to take advantage of dining, entertainment and travel in and around the Chicago area.

When you use the American Express IN Chicago card, you earn an “INSIDE” reward point for every dollar that you spend. You can earn double the “INSIDE” reward points when you use the card for what are called “City Essentials”: newspaper purchases, magazine subscriptions, dining tabs, movie tickets, cable or ISP subscriptions, and even the cost of gym memberships! The points you earn can be redeemed for services and experiences located in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. These include things like hotel accommodations and airline tickets.

The biggest perk of the American Express IN Chicago card is the Tuesdays IN Chicago feature. When you use this particular card at venues and merchants who participate in the program, you will get 10% off! These include various retailers, spas and health clubs. When you use the IN Chicago card, you will also get priority access to select clubs, concerts and other venues!

Currently, the variable APR for the American Express IN Chicago card is 11.99%, after the first 6 month of a 0% introductory rate. For cash advances, the variable APR goes up to 22.99%. There are, of course, finance charges for any purchases that are not paid for within the first 20 days, and there are charges for other services like cash advances and balance transfers. The minimum credit limit on this card is $1000, with the maximum limit offered being $100,000.

So, if you are looking for a reward card which has no annual fee and you live near or frequently visit Chicago, applying for the American Express IN Chicago card is the smart thing to do!

Source by Beth Derkowitz

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