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Every now and then each person comes to a point in life when everything seems to have become routine and mundane. If you are growing tired of the everyday activities of waking up early for work or school, doing the same old household chores, and going to bed early because of the fatigue of a day’s wear and tear, try art projects to loosen up the nerves and add some passion and purpose in your life. And unlike other activities you can substitute with art to remove the dullness from monotonous days, there are no holds barred when it comes to fun art projects. As the saying goes, the sky is the limit.

Digital arts

One of the new trends in the art world is the use of new digital tools to create art. Try searching the web for digital arts and the results can be very surprising, from simple to very complex, and from classically digital-looking pieces to those that render actual objects realistically, and those that render objects as if with a real, live paint brush. Instead of using your laptop or desktop computer for nothing more than playing music, typing your papers, or downloading videos, make use of the new and inexpensive computers to create art.

There are various software to choose from that will help you create everything from graphics, animation, and even artistic web designs and page layouts. To ease the digital artist’s life, there are even pen tablets that allow you to simulate the shape and feel of pen, pencils, and art brushes on your computer.

Classic painting

Painting is an art classic, and up to today is one of the most accessible and fun art projects you can try out. And contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to start. Depending on your budget, you can opt to choose oil painting, acrylic painting, water coloring, and even the use cheap gouache for your art projects. Each medium poses its own challenges and allows you a unique range of possible images.

Gouache paintings, for instance, are a good start because it the material is relatively cheap. For the novice painter, you can even begin with materials as inexpensive and as simple as a few illustration boards that can be bought at your neighborhood arts and crafts shop, several paint brushes, and six or eight tubes of colors. Whatever your medium, there are often art material suppliers that provide student quality colors which are much cheaper and allow greater experimentation.


Another fun art project that is growing and popularity is sculpting. While considered one of the more intricate art forms since it involves rendering an object in all three dimensions, it can be done easily if you know where to start. For beginning sculptors, you can choose wire frame projects where you create basic shapes out of wires which are used as support for plaster or whatever accessible and inexpensive sculpting materials are available to you. You can even opt to use recycled paper for your sculptures, just to give you a feel of the craft.

Whatever fun art project you choose, remember that you always have the option of moving to another medium if you find one or the other hard to handle. With art projects, there are always possibilities to choose from.

Source by Ed McGreggor

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