Digital Home Entertainment Network With Sony Bravia DNLA


With your DLNA-certified BRAVIA TV, you can use your digital home entertainment and control system together. Sony is a leading member of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), an association of companies that have set themselves the objective of establishing a commonly used open standard for networking devices. DLNA has many advantages: You can use your BRAVIA TV to phones, laptops or music players to join so you can play music, movies and photos on the big screen – no matter the location of the individual devices.

1. BRAVIA TV connected to the router

Connect to DLNA certified BRAVIA TV with an Ethernet cable to the router. If the router is not located in the vicinity of the TV, you can easily set up a wireless network via the power of the house.

2. DLNA-compatible devices connect to the network

Connect to DLNA-compatible devices using cables or via WiFi (integrated in many devices) to the network. If you have set up a powerline network, you can connect devices with a special adapter to power outlets in different rooms. To DLNA devices include PCs, laptops, mobile phones, music players, consoles like the PlayStation 3, printer and stereo systems.

3. Files from the menu of BRAVIA reflect and share

The XrossMediaBar (XMB) menu of your BRAVIA TV, you can access content from DLNA devices on the network to access and play them. Enter your GigaJuke music, movies or photos from your computer from your mobile phone again – all in HD, and outstanding audio quality. In addition, you can control all devices from the comfort of your living room. XrossMediaBar makes operation easy. The proven XrossMediaBar is an intuitive graphical user interface that lets you see at a glance which devices are connected to your BRAVIA. The horizontal bar displays your connections in an easily understandable categories, such as photos, Digital TV, Analogue TV and Input Devices. You can also make the XrossMediaBar various settings. With the remote you can scroll back and forth. If you have selected an icon, it displays a vertical bar, where you can select from available options such as TV channels, a Blu-ray Disc player or a DVD-HDD recorder. Then you can play, select a channel or a disc. Simple, you could never navigate all your media.

A number of New Sony LCD TVs have this including the kdl32ex503 and kdl40ex503.

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