Digital TV Will Soon Be the New Technology – Be Prepared, Research This Now!


As laws change, national television stations will stop using the current method of TV signal transmission, which is analog. All broadcasters will begin to use digital format only beginning February 17, 2009. DTV, digital television is the change that is coming that will produce crystal-clear sound and pictures and many more choices for programming.

You must get ready for DTV or risk your television reception. DTV will be wonderful but please take the time to make a smooth change over; there are simple steps to receive a digital signal.

I understand the switch over is because DTV technology is much more efficient and contains a ready capability to adapt to new improvements as they are updated. Our present analog system does not allow this, it has become outdated. As I mentioned earlier you will receive crystal-clear sound and pictures and the abundant choices for programming, and guess what, this will be free. The law that is making this change happen is The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

You will learn a new term known as “multicasting”, which stems from the all digital setup that will free up sections of the airwaves for innovative services of the future by entrepreneurs. A plus is TV stations can offer improved service which includes, closed captioning, better sound and pictures, and more channels.

There are 1,760 full-power television stations across this nation and as of today 1,624 are already offering digital programming in the many markets in America.

If you are curious as if you are affected, if you still use an antenna to tune in to your TV set and it has an analog tuner. Also, you don’t subscribe to satellite or pay TV, or cable, then yes you will have to update to the new DTV by February 17, 2009.

For some statistics, there are nearly 70 million TV sets that are needed upgrading or losing their signal. At the minimum 19.6 million homes receive signals over the air and 14.9 million homes have second sets in their kitchens and bedrooms, and some in their bathrooms, garages, etc.

There are three simple fixes for the consumers of today to continue receiving their television reception:

1. You need to buy a DTV converter box for your TV set that you now own.

2. Buy a new set with the built in digital tuner. Specials on HDTV sets, all the major brands available at CompUSA please do not miss the bargains.

3. Subscribe to a carrier that offers satellite or cable, or pay TV service and offers to broadcast local stations you want to have.

Take note that these changes are for the full-power TV stations, some of the lower power stations will keep the analog tuner. There is a converter box that allows a pass-through for your set to receive both digital and analog signals. Check with your local TV station to find out if you have the lower power station; you will be in the smaller areas of the nation.

These times they keep a changing, so tune in to your local TV station to get complete details to help you make an informed decision between now and the deadline of February 19, 2009.

Source by Linda McRae

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