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Direct mail can be one of the most effective tactics to reach your target audience. Developing a strategy for direct mail is critical to obtaining the best ROI. If you just roll out any piece without a clear plan you are throwing your good marketing money away.

Here are some tips I recommend:

Get Direct Mail Sales Leads…

You can’t go wrong with these Brand-Aid tips:

1) Less is more- Sell the sizzle not the steak.

2) A package works better than a self mailer- A well crafted package can out pull a self mailer by a ratio of 4/1.

3) Personalize it- Computer personalization of the targets name will result in a higher response and deliver your brand in a more professional way.

4) Make it a no risk offer- Let your prospect know that they will receive free information with no risk or obligation.

5) Set a deadline- This will create urgency within the prospects mind.

6) Always use business reply postage- You pay for the return.

7) Call to action- A statement such as “receive our free XYZ analysis” to help solve the prospects problem.

8) Include a reply card, web-site address, and phone number- you can potentially double your response if you include a business reply card or other vehicle for written response.

Source by Scott D. White

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