Dish Network is a World Leader in Home Entertainment


Dish Network is the most advanced distributor of  entertainment  ever created. It provides more channels than any other television service provider, and only the Internet moves more data. As a result, Dish Network provides great programming options and service for it’s subscribers.

Beginning with Dish Network’s budget minded Dish Family, Dish Network offers  entertainment  packages tailored to a wide variety of potential subscribers. Dish Family consists of forty channels for the whole family to enjoy including the Hallmark Movie channel, TV Land, Discovery Kids, the Food Network, and Animal Planet. If a household needs more programming than that, it can always move up to one of America’s Top  Entertainment  Packages. America’s Top 60  Entertainment  Package has sixty channels including favorites like the Men’s Channel, ABC Family Channel, TV Outlet Mall, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2, Headline  News , TBS, Home & Garden Television, and more. America’s Top 120  Entertainment  package adds another sixty channels like MSNBC, WGN, Discovery Health, FX, Si TV, BBC America, Turner Classic Movies, the Independent Film Channel, PAX TV, Animal Planet, and last but not least the Speed Channel. America’s Top 180  Entertainment  Package adds yet another sixty channels including The Golf Channel, a bunch of Discovery Channels, The Biography Channel, Wisdom Television, The Movie Channel Extra (West), and seven Encore movie channels.

If you want even more movies, you should check out America’s Everything Pak. America’s Everything Pak has all of the channels from America’s Top 180  Entertainment  Package, but adds on another thirty channels from four movie packages. The movie packages; Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax, HBO, and the Starz Super Pak; features great channels like Starz Family, HBO Comedy, Showtime Extreme, MoreMax, FLIX, Starz Cinema, the Sundance Channel, HBO 2, and Action Max.

Dish Network doesn’t leave out Spanish speaking and bilingual households. Dish Latino Basic provides thirty channels of Spanish language programming including Telehit, MTV Espanol, De Pelicula Clasico, Playboy TV en Espanol (optional), Toon Disney, TV Espanola Internacional, and more. Dish Latino Dos adds eighty nine channels in English. Dish Latino Max has the same thirty Spanish language channels as Dish Latino Basic, but with one hundred and thirty English language channels. The Latino Everything Pack add the four movie packages from Starz, Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime onto Dish Latino Max.

Dish Network adds even more flexibility to it’s selection of  entertainment  packages with the availability of additional channels to customize your plan. You can choose to add local channel, regional sports networks, and SIRIUS satellite radio. The serious sports fan will want to look into seasonal sports subscriptions like NBA League Pass, NHL On The Ice, and MLB Extra Innings. Subscribers with ties outside of the United States can probably find programming in a language they’re familiar with through Dish Network’s selection of international programming in nineteen languages including Farsi, Urdu, Korean, French, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Chinese, and more.

Dish Network also supplies all of the great technology you need to enjoy it’s programming. Every Dish Network subscription comes with access to the Electronic Program Guide which makes it easy to choose all of the best programming for your needs by displaying all of the shows available to you up to nine days in advance, depending on which receiver you have. This is a much more efficient way to figure out what you want to watch than channel surfing. The Electronic Program Guide even displays the picture from your current selection in the corner of the screen so you don’t have to miss anything while you’re figuring out what else is on.

With all of these great features, it’s time to make the switch to Dish Network.

Source by Julia Hall

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