Dish Network Leads The Television Field In Bringing Newer Technology


Do you enjoy sports? Dish Network Satellite has dozens of channels of the most exciting action. How about movies? From premium, commercial-free movies to fun family-oriented ones, Dish Network can provide you with great movie entertainment. Does educational, informative programming appeal? How about a selection of plenty of news, culture, home and garden, how-to, science, and nature? And, if you want the best children’s entertainment, Dish Network offers everything from Disney to BabyFirst. In fact, Dishnetwork’s selection is the largest you can find, which provides you with the most choices for your family. There are more than a dozen programming packages that offer everything from HDTV to standard definition and Spanish language programming to inexpensive family-oriented packages. All of these possibilities ensures that you will find the perfect package to meet your needs.

One of the most exciting aspects of Dish Network programming, is the amazing number of choices in high definition television. With a selection comprised of four programming packages and almost 30 fully HD channels, Dish Network leads the television field in bringing this newer  technology  to your screen. With even the basic HD packages, you get 25 HD channels like ESPN, Discovery, TNT, Kung Fu, and Monsters. Upgrading to the Gold package adds National Geographic HD, and the Platinum package includes three premium movie channels in HDTV. Whichever package you choose, you’ll still get to experience the fun entertainment available through standard definition programming. All the packages contain between 80 and 240 standard definition channels, making the HD packages the most complete entertainment options you can buy. This is an especially great time to upgrade to HDTV because Dishnetwork is offering deals to give you $200 in programming rebates and allowing you to upgrade from a standard definition receiver to an HD one for free. Because the HDTV programming is already extremely inexpensive, you will be able to enjoy the increased quality for only a small increase in cost.

As far as standard definition programming goes, Dish Network has long been the leader in making available a wide variety of entertainment options. Five main SDTV packages give most families the programming they are looking for. These include: DishFamily at 40 channels, America’s Top 60, America’s Top 120, America’s Top 180, and America’s Everything Pak. From America’s Top 120 and up, your regional sports network and dozens of Sirius satellite radio stations are also included. For Spanish-speaking families, the Dish Latino selection may be the right choice. These packages range from just 30 Spanish channels, to all the Spanish channels plus hundreds of English ones. All of this great entertainmnet is available in the privacy of your own home.

Whether you choose a High Definition Television (HDTV) or Starndard Definiton Television (SDTV) package, you can add extra programming to make the package more to your liking. Sports fans can subscribe to their favorite league’s entire season of games or opt for special pay per view events. And any or all of the premium movie packages can be added to any subscription. Dish Network also has an impressive array of international packages, individual channels, and local channel offerings. If you want to watch a certain movie or event, there are almost 100 pay per view (PPV) channels in both standard and high definition.

Dish Network’s programming selection offers incredible options for all families. You will always find the shows you want to watch and a lot more that you never even realized you would enjoy. And, to make your viewing easier, Dish Network offers convenient features like digital video recording (DVR), electronic program guides, and parental controls. The Dish Network Deals have never been better for programming or equipment!

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