Dish Network Programming Packages Provide Excellent Value


Dish Network provides over 11 million satisfied customers with the most programming options, best customer service, and cutting edge television technology. With more people making the switch over to Dish Network every day, you might be wondering what’s so great about the service. Satellite television is satellite television, right? Wrong. And here’s why.

Every Dish Network programming package is designed to provide excellent value by providing as much diversity of programming as possible. For example, America’s Top 60   Entertainment  Package has sixty channels including selections like the ABC Family Channel, ESPN, the Discovery Channel, E!  Entertainment , the Disney Channel, Headline  News , The Weather Channel, MTV, the Sci-Fi Channel, QVC, NASA, C-SPAN, The History Channel, TNT, Spike TV, TV Land, and Comedy Central to make sure you get as many choices of types of programming as possible. America’s Top 120  Entertainment  Package expands the choices to 120 channels with additions like tech TV, Toon Disney, Univision, Discovery Health, Fox  News  Channel, BBC America, the Independent Film channel, and MSNBC. America’s Top 180  Entertainment  Package gives you even more with National Geographic, the Movie Channel, several Encore movie channels, History Channel International, Boomerang, The Science Channel, Style, VH1 Classic, Wisdom Television, The Outdoor Channel, and CNBC World.

If these packages have too few channel you can always order America’s Everything Pak which includes everything listed above plus 5 Cinemax channels, 8 HBO’s, the 10 channels of the Showtime Unlimited Package, and 8 channel Starz Super Pak. If all of these selections are out of your budget you can opt for the forty channel DishFamily Package which includes great channels like NickToons, Hallmark Movie, Animal Planet, the Food Network, C-SPAN, Angel One, TV Land, and lots more. If you need foreign languages, Dish Network offers channels in everything from Russian to French to Hebrew to Korean. And if HDTV programming is what you’re looking for, Dish Network offers 29 channels of exclusively high definition programing- which is more than any other television provider!

Dish Network is committed to making sure that you have the proper equipment to get the most out of your programming package. Most of you can get a satellite receiver free just for subscribing and if you opt for an HDTV package, Dish Network will upgrade your receiver to an HDTV capable model at no extra charge! That way you can enjoy the high resolution and wide screen experience of High Definition Television without worrying about tracking down the right hardware for it.

You can also get a free upgrade for a receiver with Digital Video Recording capabilities. A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR for short, does everything your VCR used to do, only better. It can record one program while you watch another, or record up to two programs at once while you’re doing something else. It can be programmed using Dish Network’s Electronic Program Guide with one click from your remote control, and it does all of it’s recording without the use of video tapes! The major thing that a DVR can do that an old fashioned VCR can’t is let you pause and replay live television!

Dishnetwork Satellite TV also provides features to make the huge number of channels it offers manageable. The Electronic Program Guide tells you what’s on when up to nine days in advance on some receivers, and lets you make lists of your favorite channels so that you can quickly find the types of shows you watch most. The Parental Control Locks will give you peace of mind by letting you block inappropriate programming from your children while still retaining access to all of you channels with the use of a password.

With the best technology, convenient features, and the best programming, you owe it to yourself to check out Dish Network [].

Source by Julia Hall

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