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The Dish Network System is the first and only company to offer 500 channels in most areas of the U.S. Being the most advanced, reliable and user friendly on the market, it brings high quality programming to people across America. With more than 12 million customers in its list, the Dish network offers the lowest all-digital television price in the U.S. It offers free four-room professional installation, home protection plan for 18 months, 100 percent digital programming, free DVR service, free HD upgrades, free movie package for three months and lifetime equipment warranty.

The Dish Network is owned by 25-year-old Echostar Satellite L.L.C. which has launched 10 satellites since 1987. The network which makes use of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) is capable of offering more than 500 digital video, data and audio channels of local and international programming to customers in the U.S. DBS refers to satellite television broadcasts intended for home reception through the use of a dish antenna.


There are several types of receivers that come free with every Dish Network package. The standard receiver has two types – the single-tuner and the dual-tuner. The single tuner uses the Dish Home Interactive User Interface for an amazing viewing experience. The dual tuner allows for independent satellite TV viewing on two separate televisions.

The DVR (digital video recording) dual tuner is an advanced device with two TV output and integrated DVR. Being a dual tuner, it can record two shows at the same time while allowing independent viewing of live satellite TV programs and recorded events when linked to two TV sets.

The single tuner HD receiver has off-air tuners for high definition reception of programs. It enables you to view both standard-definition and high-definition programming and supports four TV display resolutions.

The HD DVR receiver dual tuner is the first in the industry to have both DVR and HD capabilities. This can be connected to two or more televisions which allow you to record high definition programming.


The Dish Network Satellite System currently has nine packages to choose from. The America’s Everything Package has more than 280 channels at the best value — the top 250 channels along with 31 commercial-free premium movie channels and the NBA TV.

America’s Top 250 offers 250 channels of great   entertainment  including the Top 200 and Top 100 channels as well as the History Channel International, Discovery Kids, Fox Movie Channel and much more.

America’s Top 200 has more than 200 channels including all the programs from the Top 100 and fantastic channels like Bravo, Fox New Channel, SPEED, Animal Planet and much more.

America’s Top 100 Plus includes the programming of the Top 100 package plus the local Regional Sports Network.

America’s Top 100 is the most affordable package the whole family will enjoy. It has the best  entertainment , sports,  news  and children’s programs.

Dish Family is the newest package that provides the best variety in family programming. It has 40 channels including sports, news and children’s programs.

The Dish HD package offers 31 national HD channels covering sports, movies,  news , lifestyle and family  entertainment .

The other special packages are the Latino and International.

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