Disney & Pixar – Can Pixar Wag The Dog?


Anyone who has ever been in a position of power will tell you that those who are not always think they can “wag the dog”.

For those of you who don’t know what the term “wag the dog” means here’s a definition. A dog has a tail. The dog, being the ruler of the dog body, wags its tail. You see the tail which may distract from the dog since it is the tail that is moving. It’s also apparent that the tail is important. After all, it’s putting on a show.

However, the tail is still part of (and subservient to) the dog. It is totally foolish for the tail to think that it can wag the dog. So the dog needs the tail to put on the show but without the dog, the tail wouldn’t exist at all.

Would the dog die without the tail? No. But many times “tails” get overly caught up in their show. They forget what their power depends on. They forget where they came from. They think that they can wag the dog. And so it is with Pixar.

I love Pixar. I love Disney.

Pixar needs to take serious heed to their position. The Disney marketing machine is perhaps the most formidable entertainment marketing machine to ever exist. As a veteran and natural marketer, I routinely marvel at its power and comprehensiveness. It is truly a thing of beauty. An ideal example to any marketer no matter how experienced.

Now you may be familiar with the expression “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” As one who markets and sells many products I can tell you that statement is completely false.

People care more about your marketing and your delivery system than the quality of your product. Don’t believe me? Check this out then.

Think of the best hamburger you have ever had in your life. Now ask yourself if it was better than a McDonald’s hamburger. I’ll bet you it was.

Now ask yourself if the place you had that great hamburger sells more hamburgers than McDonald’s. I’ll bet you they don’t.

So why does McDonald’s sell more hamburgers than a thousand places that make a better hamburger? Answer: they have a marketing and delivery machine second to none.

And so does Disney.

Consider the Disney machine if you’re not familiar with it:

Television – The Disney Channel (1 & 2); ESPN; ABC; Toon Disney;

Radio Disney – nationwide radio network

Theme Parks – Disney World; Disneyland; Disneyland Paris; Disneyland Tokyo

Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Store – chain in every major mall in the US and the world

Every product or event that Disney wants to promote is disseminated continually throughout this entire network with no holes barred.

And all these Disney marketing machine parts have the Disney brand, known, loved & followed by billions around the world.

So Mr. Jobs, put your pride & greed aside and consider what you would really be giving up if you left Disney. If you need more ammunition for your stockholders note the following:

Even the mighty Steven Spielberg, David Geffen & former Disney chief Jeffery Katzenberg have not been able to beat the Disney machine. This despite the fact that Steven Spielberg is perhaps one of the greatest creative talents to ever walk the face of the earth and has a genuine Midas touch with films. Even with this superior talent, the SKG combo has not been able to beat the Disney machine.

And let’s not forget the tanking of the Antz and Chicken Run movies, their spectacular casts notwithstanding (Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Danny Glover). Plus their merchandising (area of great and essential profits) performed even worse.

So to all our readers out there, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that because your product is great, you’ll sell tons and be a marketing success. The key to success is having a comprehensive marketing machine and a consistent delivery machine. These parts need to work cohesively and cover as many avenues as possible.

And for those of you who have a strong partner, owner or the like, don’t try to wag the dog.

Toli Cefail

Source by Toli Cefail

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