Do Good Americans Legitimize the US Elections and Onslaught of Media Bias by Voting?


What if all the good Americans refused to vote and called the elections a “fraud” because the media is so bias in their reporting and propping up of a non-qualified left-leaning socialist candidate, that it’s obvious that the entire election process is rigged. How is that rigging you ask? Simple, if most of the people who have no stake in this country; no job, no land, and no real “skin in the game” are allowed to vote for the free-stuff that a podium pushing candidate purports, then obviously they’ll vote for him or her in order “get stuff” without working for it. They have nothing to lose if the nation goes bankrupt.

Now then, before you criticize me for pointing this out, this is what happens in a good number of elections in other nations. Often the media is controlled by the country itself, and therefore, the current people in power continually promote themselves. No one running against them stands a chance, and once those in the leadership dismiss the are term limits by decree, the government becomes illegitimate, even if it pretends to be a democracy, or a Republic.

In the United States we have a similar problem which has disenfranchised many voters. In fact, I haven’t voted in an election in 25 years, it is obvious to me that there are far too many people that watch the TV, and have surrendered their minds to the media, that even if I vote I can only overcome one of the hundreds of millions of people watching TV and voting in whichever way that little box tells them to.

If US citizens are willing to be dumbed down and turn off their minds and vote for whoever puts the most TV ads on to the boob tube, then we shouldn’t even hold elections, just vote for the person who raises the most money, because they would have won anyway. And then take all the money and give it to charity, and the election will be over.

Seriously, the elections are a joke. What’s your opinion, you just heard mine? But unlike you I am not drowned in political correctness, therefore, I am free to tell you how I feel, would you dare do the same? Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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