Do I Have Cold Sores or Canker Sores?


If you have a sore on your mouth, you may be wondering if you are breaking out with cankers sores, or if you have a cold sore forming.

First let us examine what a canker sore is, and why we would get a canker sore on the mouth. A canker sore is generally on the interior portion of the mouth. The blisters associated with this disease will be found most often on the insides of your cheeks, and on your gums. They are not contagious. They are not associated with herpes simplex 1, and they do not have symptoms of numbing or tingling on the lips. Their symptoms of ulcers on the gums are unique to them, and do not occur with fever blisters.

Cold sores are actually just a symptom of the herpes simplex 1 virus. They are not the condition itself. Lip ulcers that swell, become painful, and bring you oral misery are the signs that HSV1 sends to let you know that it is still with you.

How to prevent cold sores is a frequently discussed topic among those who have them. A large portion of the population fall into the group of suffers, and an even larger portion of the population, are infected with the disease. Some people are not prone to getting the outbreaks of blisters on their lips or nostrils. Scientist are currently studying the immune systems of the individuals who have the herpes simplex 1 virus, but who do not suffer the outbreaks, in an attempt to determine what they have in their bodies that the rest of us need more of. Until they figure it all out we must deal with the problem each in our own way.

Most people know that if they strengthen their immune systems they will lessen their number of outbreaks. The majority of people also know that they need to keep their bodies from getting in a weakened state, if they want to have fewer instances of fever blisters.

A lot of people do not know that lysine in your cells appears to stop the herpes virus from using the cell for replication. Lysine is found naturally in some of the foods we eat, and you have some in your cells, but you need to increase the amount you have to stop the virus. So consume lysine rich foods, like flounder, chicken, and beef. Eat plenty of dairy products because lysine is in both milk and eggs. Remember that an apple a day will keep the doctor away and eating one will also increase your lysine.

The painful mouth ulcers known as canker sores can be brought on by some of the same stresses as cold sores, so learning to stay healthy, and reduce periods of extreme physical, or mental stress, may help the sufferers of both these diseases. Maintaining a healthy immune system will provide you with a better quality of life both now and in your future.

Source by Bruce DeMilo

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