Do Men Manage Their Finances Better?


A question goes: do men really manage their finances better than women? Are they better in handling their own money?

Well, this article explores this possibility. This article believes that more often than not, men indeed are better managers of their own money.

1. Men rarely have shopping impulses.

Rarely do you see men hopping from one shop to another and having a shopping spree. Rarely do you find them saying: “I want to feel good and I can do that by spending some of my hard-earned money.” Rarely do see men with hundreds of pairs of shoes, hundreds of trousers, or hundreds of watches.

Unless of course they belong to the metrosexuals, men are simply contented with a pair of their essentials. But for the large percentage of men, they rarely allow their closet to overflow – in fact, it’s even a question if they have a closet or not!

Women, on the other hand, are almost synonymous to shopping. A study reports that women spend about eight years of their life in shopping! A poll conducted by GE Money found out that on the average, women make 301 shopping trips annually. That’s quite a lot of time – and a lot of money wasted on clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry!

Therefore, in this aspect, men are better financial managers than women.

2. Men stick to their set budgets more.

Men usually work on a budget. Before they buy something, they first see to it that they have a budget for that. Before they purchase anything, they first consult their budgeting book.

This may be because men are more logical than women. Men know that when their bank account says such a purchase is not planned, then they cannot really proceed with the transaction. What they do is save up and wait until they have enough money to cover for that expense.

Women, on the other hand, do not think like this. When they see a fabulous dress – even if there’s no occasion to wear it to – they will drool over it and dream about it until the frock’s finally become their possession. They don’t mind the fact that they don’t have a budget for that. They’d justify the act by saying: buying this dress makes me happy, we should do what makes us happy, right?

Indeed, women are less logical but more creative. They are more imaginative in finding justifications for their actions – especially those that have to do with unplanned expenses and somewhat thoughtless purchases. Women, indeed can always find a way out – including out of a financial dilemma.

So, are you now convinced that men are better at managing their funds, money, bank accounts and everything related to the world of money? Are you now convinced that women are not so good at taking care of their money because something about the thought of having idle money in their hands make them depressed? Are you now convinced that women are truly about shopping and purses and bags and shoes and dresses?

This article hopes you are.

Source by Bradlley Mckoy

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