Do You Know When a Relationship Is Over?


When is a relationship over? What are the telltale signs that your marriage is doomed to end up in divorce? What are the reasons why so many marriages end up in divorce each and every single year? By understanding what are the leading causes of divorce, it is hoped that you may be able to draw lessons from these examples, and work to protect these problems from occurring in your own marriage.

Here are seven of the most common unhealthy relationship signs that you need to watch out for if you want to prevent your own marriage from ending up in divorce:

#1. Cheating

Cheating on a spouse is regarded as one of the most common, and yet most despicable causes of divorce. Once cheating has occurred in a marriage, that marriage has very little chance of surviving. Due to the immense amount of pain, anguish, and heartbreak that cheating can cause, it truly would be a herculean task to try to patch things up with your spouse, put this act of infidelity behind them and to move forward. But many cheaters are unwilling to make the effort to make amends. Those are the marriages that inevitably end up in divorce.

#2. Financial Matters

Financial problems are yet another frequent cause of divorce. If one spouse is the breadwinner of the family, there may be resentment toward the other spouse of both spouses are not on the same page when it comes to spending and saving habits. The simplest remedy for this situation is for both partners to come to a consensus on how to manage their money.

#3. Lack of Sexual Attraction

While it may seem extremely insensitive, it is a fact of life that marital harmony depends upon the existence of sexual attraction between the two spouses. If one person is working hard to take care of his or her appearance and maintain physical fitness while the other partner isn’t, this can lead to resentment on the part of the one spouse. Once sexual attraction begins to fade, resentment will build up and take its place, causing the marriage to further lose its spark.

#4. Spousal Abuse

Marriages in which spousal abuse is taking place are hard pressed to survive. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, mental, or even verbal, marriages cannot be sustained on this type of aggressive hostility. The abuser really needs to seek professional help to overcome this problem. Otherwise, it is better to get a divorce than to remain in an abusive marriage.

#5. Inability To Communicate

If you have grievances with your spouse, it is extremely important that you don’t just keep those feelings bottled up. You must express your grievances to your spouse through rational, calm, and civilized discussion. Otherwise, the longer you allow these feelings of resentment to be bottled up, the greater is the likelihood that someday this will cause the frustrated spouse to blow up and really hurt the other spouse emotionally or even physically. Thus, the inability to communicate effectively with your spouse is indeed one of the major causes of divorce. Just by being able to learn to communicate more openly, effectively, candidly and frequently with your spouse, the stronger your marriage will become, and the lower the divorce rate in this country can drop.

#6. Long Distance Relationships

Geographical separation between spouses can cause the marriage to drift apart, since intimacy requires closeness and the ability to share physical experiences and be a part of each other’s day to day lives. Furthermore, long distance relationships can easily fall prey to a lack of trust or even to infidelity.

#7. Unsatisfying Sex Life

A satisfactory sex life is required for a marriage to thrive and flourish. Sex is the glue that bonds the marriage together, as it fosters intimacy, trust, security, as well as emotional connection. A lackluster sex life can compel some people to wander off and seek satisfaction through adulterous affairs.

Source by Jane D Hart

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