Does My Child Need Health Insurance?


After Tesco health care launched a new offer promising up to 25% off the first year premiums. The big question is do children really need health insurance cover or are insurance companies just playing on the fears of parents.

This is always one of the biggest selling points for any health insurance policy offering peace of mind if the worst was to happen, so this is obviously a big factor for any parents thinking they need to get health insurance cover for their children.

So what is out there for any parents looking into getting private health insurance for their children? There are just as many health care plans for children as there are for adults, as with most health insurance plans the big advantage is the option of choice. If your child was to fall ill or needed an operation, with the right cover you will have a choice of hospitals and time frame for which your child can get the relevant treatment he or she needs.

It is true that all this can be found on the NHS but if you can afford the best care for your child why wouldn’t you? One major reason may be, how many children need serious medical care, and even if they do need it more often than not the NHS well have more than adequate medical care for your child.

Taking for example the Tesco health care deal for children, what is available for those who apply for it? According to Tesco, the insurance offers fast access to medical professionals for private consultations, tests and diagnoses. Private treatment is also covered in case a child needs surgery and cannot be treated within six weeks on the NHS.

The added bonus with the Tesco cover is that the child cover is not part of a family cover plan, meaning that any medical history to do with the parents, will not affect the cost of cover for your children. Jeremy Sutton, head of Tesco Health Insurance, said “parents do not need to include themselves in the cover and that the policy does not carry an annual maximum limit on claims.”

So the simple question any parent needs to ask them self is does my child really need health insurance? Well it could all be put down to just how much do you trust the NHS, many parents will have been bombarded with stories to do with superbugs and post code lottery its enough to put off any parent going to the hospital.

The NHS is by all means equipped to care for your child if he or she was to fall ill, but the thing is if you believe private health insurance is good enough for you then surely it is good enough for your children. There are many companies offering comprehensive health insurance for children.

Source by Seamus S

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