E-Business Ideas for 2014 Part II


We gave you some ideas last week and here we are with a few more. Let’s read:

iPhone/iPad Repair

With this business, you could easily make $50-60 dollars per hour. Here is an example of how to do it:

1. Buy a broken device online or from any store, but make sure it is repairable. This typically costs about $60. I recommend that you buy devices that are easily repairable. Problems such as a broken screen are easy to do away with.

2. Buy a glass repair kit on eBay. This repair kit will come with the glass, the LCD and the repair tools.

3. Replace the glass – There are YouTube video tutorials to show you how.

4. Sell the device. Refurbished devices can fetch double the price of what you bought it for. Plus, you can sell them online.


This is similar to a blog, but in video form. Simply turn your video camera on, feel free to use your tablet, and talk! Most v-loggers talk about a specific subject. V-logging about a subject that appeals to tweens or teens is most likely to get a large following quickly. Examples of popular subjects include makeup, fashion and gaming. The key to making money with these v-logs is gaining a large following and then being sponsored on the platform that you publish the videos on, such as YouTube. Plus, you may also make money via advertisement.

Silly Videos

This concept is similar to v-logging, but not putting up a video per day, you only need one, very funny video. By very funny I mean, a silly cat playing the piano, a cute or “so ugly it is cute” dog doing unique tricks or your overweight uncle falling. Yes, I know these videos sound ridiculous, but if you have spent any amount of time sitting in front of a computer with a tween or teen, you will notice that these silly videos go viral and can help you make money. How do you make money? Again, you can have your video sponsored or get advertisement.

Garage Sale + eBay = $$$

With this entrepreneurial idea you will need to get out of your house! In cold weather climates you may need to wait for the ice to melt! But here are the basics:

1. Check craigslist.com for garage sales on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Get to the garage sales early. Start around 6 AM unless the advertisement says otherwise.

3. Look at labels on the clothes. Keep your eye out for Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostal, Justice, and other hot names in teen and tween clothing. Make sure the clothes are in good condition. If there are any stains, ask for a discount or maybe they will give it for free with the many clothes you are buying, and then wash out the stain when you get home.

4. Sell the clothes in “Lots” on eBay or other such site…

Typically at a garage sale you can get shirts for around 25 cents to $1, jeans for less than $5. Resell the clothes on e-bay for 5 shirts for a higher price and make money. This business has the potential to grow exponentially. The same model can be used to buy clothes at a thrift store or buy any other items; however, clothes are easy to ship.

These are 4 hot e-business ideas for 2014. Keep your eye on the site in the next few days for more ideas and have a happy and prosperous new year!

Source by Jamie Clay

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