Earn Additional Income As a Movie Extra


How would like to add an additional two thousand dollars per month to your families income? Would that assist you in weathering the storm in this arduous marketplace? Actors and Models all over the country are auditioning for movie extra opportunities to create additional income. If you don’t mind being in front of the video camera there might be a great post for you in your local area. What are you doing for income right now? Are you feeling defeated like many Americans around the difficulty in getting a good job. Are you attempting to work out how you’re going to find work in these frightening economic times? Most people don’t know it but there are a numerous amount of opportunities across the nation for movie extras. You see them hanging out in the background in television commercials, television shows, movies, stage shows and other performance settings. They don’t have singing, dancing, or speaking roles but without them the production would lose much of its importance.

Likewise, movie extras can make pretty good money. According to research, the basic pay for a full 8-hour work day for a SAG extra ranges from $126 to $309. That’s pretty good. What ordinary people don’t know is that they are eligible for this work and there are hundreds and sometimes even thousands that come available every month. I bet you didn’t know that there were over 300,000 movie extras for the funeral scene filmed in the movie “Gandhi.” It’s true that only about 94,000 of those received paychecks from the studios and the rest were volunteers but that’s 94,000 opportunities developed for one scene in one movie.

In addition, if you have ambitions to take things a little farther you can use your extra work to shape a career as a full-fledged actor. Many of Hollywood’s largest stars got their start doing extra work. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon served as extras during the Fenway Park scenes in Field of Dreams. Clint Eastwood worked as an uncredited extra in a number of movies before he became a star in the late 60s. You may not have considered extra work in the past, but it can be a great way to add extra income to your life (no pun intended). If you are in the performing arts business and looking to take your employment to the next level or if you are just beginning and you want to familiarize yourself with the industry, doing extra work is a smart way to do it.

Source by Sidney Nicholas

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