Egad! It’s the Apple iPad


Tablet computers have been around for quite a while. They are a very specific niche market. The Apple iPad did not exactly break ground with the concept. However, they did break ground by having a massive array of applications readymade to utilise a tablet computer. As well as this, it was also able to handle 3G connections for roaming Internet virtually anywhere you can get a 3G signal (in later models). While it may be cheaper for someone to just buy a notebook – and give you some greater functionality – it may not be as user friendly or accessible for some people.

The Apple iPad has a very specific niche market. You are not required to be technologically savvy in order to use it. In fact, if you have an Apple iPhone or use a similar touch screen enabled phone then the learning curve in learning to use the Apple iPhone will be non-existent. The Apple iPad is a device that is better suited to people who need or want to use mobile computing as well as have the opportunity to use the Internet anywhere without hassle. A good example of how the Apple iPad can be a great mobile computing device is for people who have limited space to carry a notebook while travelling and still want to be connected to their email, various entertainment options and a machine in which they can use to work.

I am in the habit of using having a notebook sitting on my coffee table as I am watching television. If I ever want more information (or want to keep an eye on my email, shares or just fill the advertisement breaks with something fun or interesting) on something I can see, I have an Internet connection right in front of me to do so. This can also be considered a niche that the Apple iPad fulfils.

Source by Amit Bhawani

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