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Elchim is one of the most respected Ionic Dryer brands, and for good reason. Their most popular model, the Elchim Uragano Ionic Hair Dryer is one of the most sought after models online. This solid little hairdryer comes packed with new features and brand new   technology . Each Elchim Uragano Ionic Hair Dryer has a newfangled Negative Ion Generating System that produces a steady stream of ions, so your drying time will be reduced by at least fifty percent while your hair will become smooth, shiny and static free – if it isn’t already.

Hey we don’t know what Elchim or for that matter Uragano means, but what we can tell you is that industry professionals consistently rate this marvel of hair drying  technology  at the top of its class. Read on as we list out the features on this baby.

Every last Elchim Uragano Ionic Dryer comes standard with two speed selections and four possible speed – heat combinations. This ionic dryer may be compact but it packs one heck of a punch – It can move up to the equivalent of eight hundred 2 liter bottles full of air every minute. Talk about full of hot air… Not only does the Elchim Uragano move that much air, it does so at just the optimum pressure for fastest drying, which is twenty milli bars if you are counting. The outside of this blowdryer is double insulated so you will not feel any uncomfortable heating on your hand, making it a snap to use. The good folks at Elchim also went to the extreme measure of constructing this hair dryer out of Polyamide PA6, which is apparently really good. Tough and strong so you can drop it all morning long without having to worry about it breaking.

Source by Trevor Kinnick

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