Elegy Film Story


The 2008 drama film ‘Elegy’ starring Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley is based on the novel ‘The Dying Animal’. The film was on the top 10 lists of several critics for the movie of the year awards.

Ben Kingsley plays David Kepesh, a professor and a cultural critic. He is divorced and has a son who has not forgiven him till now for abandoning his mother. One day David encounters a beautiful student in his lecture, he is completely mesmerized by her presence and soon they begin a serious relationship. David is already in another relationship with a student whom he met 20 years ago.

Penelope plays Consuela who invites David to her graduation party. But fearing humiliation on being criticized for their age difference he makes an excuse that his car broke down and he cannot come. Consuela is frustrated and realizes, he is lying. Soon after this incident they split.

After two years Consuela and David meet again. She leaves a message on his phone to meet again. Consuela mentions that she need to confess something. Consuela comes to his apartment and tells him that she has a lump on her breasts and will require surgery. As a result of which her breasts will be removed permanently. On hearing this David cries and pleads her as to why she did not called for his support earlier. Consuela explains she has not met a single man since their split who loved her like him.

In the ending we see David visiting the Hospital to check on Consuela’s health and the last scene shows a flashback where Consuela tells David she loves him.

Source by Vikram Gill

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