English Movies TV Channel in India Gets a Makeover


Being a movie buff, you must have heard in your social circles that a Hollywood movies entertainment TV channel in India went for a revamp. It came up with a like-never-before look for itself in terms of branding and packaging. The reason was to keep the young brigade hooked to television screens while offering them variety.

For that, nothing seemed better than going colourful from monochrome as colours always catch the eye to help you recall. It had a black logo that seemed more intimidating as they were associated with the genres like crime and dark drama. The brand wanted to be more relatable carrying a mass appeal. Therefore, the cool logo got a warm background. The white-coloured text on a blue and red background delivers the perfect contrast of elements that complete each other yet are different from one another.

Movie Viewing Gets Diverse

Since the digitisation phase took over, a much larger and newer base of viewers are tuning-in to English entertainment channels. The new packaging is aimed at becoming more inclusive for the newer audiences. The campaign tagline further reinforces this fact that the new viewing experience would be totally new and unique. The icing on the cake was that the new look was flagged off with five latest films that were shown in the Sunday prime time slot.

The Class-Apart Home Theatre

The channel mentioned over here has been known throughout the world for a Hollywood-centric image. As a part of the marketing strategy, the channel also launched its mobile app. They have other plans like introducing HD service. The English movies entertainment channel that we are discussing here features world-class content produced in Hollywood. The fresh appearance that was unveiled, reflected a complete overhaul in the way of engaging the audience and content strategy.

This time, the channel promises to offer best-in-class English entertainment as well as heighten the experience related to a multi-platform viewing through brand updates. Next moment, you may find it bombarding you with brand updates through its premium programming slate, complementary mobile app as well as the introduction of its high-definition version. The latest branding is youthful and has been restructured with a view to provide quality content to the Indian audience.

Content to Wait For

The channel managers also ran a huge social media campaign around this, sharing fun facts, contests and trivia based on the development. This Hollywood movies TV channel pressed the refresh button with five back-to-back Sunday film premieres lined up to celebrate the occasion. Furthermore, it has almost 400 latest film titles to showcase apart from the telecast of its original content.

With all this, the channel has ushered-in a new era of television and cable broadcasting. A global content demand was fuelled owing to the rising penetration of tablets and smartphones. Also, with the number of English movies TV channels in India going up to 16, the competition has grown stiff and tougher than before. So, it became necessary to alter viewer perceptions and add a universal appeal to it.

Source by Akansha K Gupta

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