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I love Las Vegas very much, and I love  Hollywood  too. So it was really exciting to take LA to Vegas Tours. I spent one day to take a visit to both great cities. I started my tour from Las Vegas at 5:00am and went back by 7:00pm. Though I was very tired after a whole day’s tour, I was still excited and satisfied. I took a road trip to Los Angeles. Though Las Vegas is 300ish miles far from  Hollywood , but you would not feel bored. On the way to LA, I saw a lot of beautiful sights and also took plenty of amazing pictures. I drove through Death Valley to get to California. There are numerous mountain ranges, and it is typical western desert scenery. If you are interested in western sights, you should never miss this place. Moreover, my tour guide was very witty and informative. She told me many interesting facts about different scenic spots. Actually she made my trip even better than my imagination. And she is the best tour guide that I have known.

Los Angeles was really a fantastic city.  Hollywood  will make many great films every year, and I finally could watch films in movie theaters in LA. I saw the Kodak Theater which holds Academy Award and Chinese Theater. I also took a visit to those footprints of  Hollywood  stars. When I walked  Hollywood  Blvd and Rodeo Drive, I was curious about every passer-by and every shop. Of course, I would never miss Beverly Hills. And my tour guide pointed out star homes, and I also took some pictures of my favorite star’s home. Moreover, I went to a favorable site to see the famous  Hollywood  sign and the  Hollywood  Bowl. I saw the sign very many times on TV, but finally I could see it in real life. It was very great. It was very a great tour, and I would like to visit this fabulous city again. Besides  Hollywood , I will see those cute cartoon characters in Disneyland. If you want to see the  Hollywood  sign by your eyes, it is time to take a great  Hollywood  tour.

Source by Idella Cohen

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