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Manchester is a classic place to spend a holiday. If you are a tourist or even a local, you can find bunch of activities never to let boredom strike you at any point of time. Manchester provides a platform for fun, adventure, partying, and possibly anything you can think of. Here are a few activities that you can enjoy either you are alone or have company.

If you have a liking for golf, then you are obliged to go to Heaton Park Golf, which is an amazing place to try your shots. Manchester’s weather is almost all the times suitable for a perfect day for golf. The positive point about this place is that it is open on all days of the week, yes even the weekends. This place has an exotic bar, a restaurant with delicious cuisines and a pro shop where you can buy stuff from.

If you are along with your family, you should visit Manchester Aquatics Centre. You can get into interesting activities at this place, which will also require some physical momentum from you, for example two amazingly huge swimming pools and a well-equipped fitness centre. You can enjoy the experiences of power boating, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, rock climbing, hill walking etc. Debate Outdoor Centre is necessary to visit place when you travel to Manchester.

How do you feel about a place that has altogether a mall, flea market, gaming zone, bar, specialty goods purchasing shops? Excited, right? This combination can be experienced at Affleck’s Palace. If you are more inclined towards nature and plantations, you perhaps don’t want to miss out on the Piccadilly gardens.

These gardens can be viewed from certain shops, bars and restaurants as well. The view there makes your experience even more enjoyable. Irrespective of the time, these gardens can be visited whenever desire. You can simply dwell into the beauty of the gardening carried out there. Time flies when you are enjoying such a beautiful sight.

If you are a person who is diverted more towards exhibits, then you will enjoy the collection of the museums, art galleries, war exhibits and other such places. These places are not only fun to see, but they also provide an informative learning experience for the visitors.

China town is a place not to miss when you travel to Manchester. The place is indulged with a different scenario of culture and customs that are enjoyed by all; locals and tourists. Albert square is the public centre of Manchester. The place is land marked by the largest building of Manchester, the Town Hall.

The place is surrounded by a variety of monuments and statues. The largest of this collection is the Albert memorial. Many people even enjoy photography in Manchester. These statues and monuments are for sure worth capturing and treasuring forever in form of pictures. All these activities can make your travel to Manchester more interesting. Make sure to checkout these hot spots of Manchester and indulge into extensive fun.

Source by James L Harrison

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