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Night clubs were really big during the 1920s and 1930s. Plenty of movies have been made depicting the night club scene. Some have, no doubt, be glamorous portrayals and some not so. The roaring 20s certainly had its share of excitement at the local night club with its torch singers and comics. This tradition lasted for many years, all the way to the era of night club performers like Dean Martin and Buddy Hacket. But over the years the nightclub scene has changed a lot, mostly because people have changed. The world will live in is a lot different from the world of the 20s and 30s. There’s more to do and more to see. Suddenly, sitting in a club and listening to somebody belt out a few songs isn’t the thrill it used to be. Hearing a 3rd rate comic tell a few bad jokes doesn’t do it for people as much as it used to. So what exactly has happened to the night club?

Well, the night club is still around. It’s just changed a lot since the early days. Today, the night club scene is more about getting the audience involved than ever before. In addition to the entertainers, who still make the scene, there are other forms of  entertainment  that take place at various night clubs, depending on where you go.

For example. Some night clubs have amateur night, which is really a scream. This is where people in the audience get up on stage and perform. They might sing, or tell jokes, or even do magic tricks. You have to look hard to find night clubs that offer this activity, but they exist. And for those who are daring, it is an awful lot of fun and a great way to get over your stage fright.

And of course there are your night clubs located in the gambling districts of certain cities that offer their patrons the chance to maybe win a little money on the side. Oh sure, this went on in the 20s and 30s too, but in back rooms with a guy by the name of Vito rolling the dice. Today, this is done out in the open in specially designated rooms for these activities.

Then there are some night clubs today that have nights that don’t feature any live  entertainment  at all. On these nights you will usually have a DJ spinning the latest hit records of yesterday and today to dance to. They may even run a dance contest that evening and award a prize to the best couple, as voted by a select panel.

Obviously, the night club wouldn’t be complete with the drinks. Most night clubs have just about every kind of alcoholic beverage that you can think of. The bartenders who work at your finer night clubs are highly skilled. These aren’t the kind of guys you’re going to find at the corner bar. These are the cream of the crop.

A night club can still be and is a very enjoyable experience. If you’ve never been to one, grab a hold of your best girl and take her Club 7 in Las Vegas. You won’t be sorry.

Source by Michael Russell

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